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Seoul Style – Natural Harmony in a Modern Setting

Seoul Style – Natural Harmony in a Modern Setting

Whether drawn in by traditional arts and crafts or cutting-edge street fashion, style watchers are finding new inspiration in the homes of Seoul, Korea. The megacity's ability to blend ancient artistic values and modern technology in a harmonious, compelling way can show us the way to a relaxed, contemporary look.

The most important facet of Korean elegance is natural light. Densely urban Seoul apartments often use a variety of lighting fixtures to achieve the look of soft light that would come from large windows and skylights. Simple sconces are frequently paired with a show-stopping and reflective central fixture to create a gentle glow. While this warmth is a special luxury in the cold Korean climate, it is desirable for any home.

The emphasis of natural light is supported by traditional design philosophies which emphasize natural materials and simplicity. Paper screens, light or whitewashed wood, natural pottery, and neutral fabrics are predominantly found in minimalist configurations. While minimalist looks can feel icy and sterile, the incorporation of natural materials gives this style a peaceful and inviting feel.

Known for producing top consumer electronics, bleeding edge pop music, and trendy fashion, Seoul is a modern and stylish city to its core. Metallic, glass and crystal fixtures reflect this sensibility by adding sparkle and glamour. Interiors are elevated from simple and elegant to exciting and chic. If you're in search of a style upgrade or fresh source of inspiration, take a cue from Seoul.

  • Sleek wall fixtures provide unobtrusive ambient light
  • Daring chandeliers or pendants add a visual focal point to your space
  • Natural fabrics, like linen or paper, neutral colors like beige, cream, and gray, and raw materials like wood or plain pottery can give a space a relaxed and down-to-earth vibe
  • Well-placed metallic, glass, or crystal elements will reflect light and give a bit of fun and edge

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