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Embracing Mid-Century Modern Style

Embracing Mid-Century Modern Style

If you love seeing all the styles made so popular in movies, television and magazines during the 1960s and 70s eras, you are probably a big fan of mid-century modern decor.  This particular style was very popular from the mid-1940s to around 1970 and was known for its uncomplicated, contemporary and chic style.  During this post-war era, thanks to the rapid growth in just about every industry due to the 1950s baby boom, Americans in particular began to view their home and its contents as more than just a function of everyday life.  They wanted style.  And during a time when anything was possible, including a television in every home, a vehicle in every driveway and a race to walk on the moon, homeowners wanted to bring some of the more modern elements they saw developing around them, directly into their homes.

Mass Production of Sleek Style

The mid-century modern era brought mass production of furniture, lighting and other types of decor to the forefront for the first time in history.  All the areas of a modern home including kitchens, living and dining areas emphasized streamlined space-aged surfaces with no flourishes or fancy detailing.  There was also an emphasis on bringing the outdoors inside through sliding glass doors leading to patios for outdoor entertaining and relaxing, while still accommodating family members and guests who preferred to remain indoors.

Bold Lighting Choices

With all the emphasis on a new pathway to futuristic living, it should come as no surprise that mid-century modern lighting choices emphasize sleek and forward-looking attributes.  A tribute to the modern space-age can be found in Sputnik chandeliers, along with other striking choices such as bubble lights and the oh so modern Arco floor lamps.  Since many of the mid-century modern lighting choices are so bold in and of themselves, it is best not to overuse them in any given room.  Instead, consider the ideal lighting function required for a given area and select one or two lighting pieces that can provide the ideal amount of drama while still addressing the need for adequate lighting.  Don't forget to consider patios and other outdoor areas to complete the entire look.

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