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How To Create a Stunning Foyer

How To Create a Stunning Foyer

How To Create a Stunning Foyer


Your foyer is your home's smile, the initial impression on your guests, and the ambiance you desire every time you walk in your door.  This space, no matter how large or small, expresses your personality and adds function to your entrances and exits.  Small foyers need extra attention. Each detail needs to pop. If you do not have a coat closet, by all means, invest in a coat tree. A sculptural tree in a material that compliments the house and foyer takes little space while providing ample room for outerwear including scarves and hats, dog leashes, and shopping bags. 

The flooring of a foyer needs to be sturdy and easily cleaned such as marble, slate, or tile. Have fun with the flooring by creating a unique design that expresses your personality or gives an introduction to the style of your home. A rug will make the space look cozy while erasing street grime from shoes before entering the living area. Be sure to pick a material suited to high traffic and dirty shoes. A carpet liner will keep it from sliding around.  You can create the illusion of a rug with tile, which is easier to clean and, obviously, slip-proof. 

Pay attention to the walls. Here is the place for a stunning piece of art or a collection of photos or paintings. A mirror gives the illusion of additional space and the welcome opportunity to check one's appearance before leaving home. Arriving guests appreciate a mirror, so they can check their hair after removing hats.  You can create the illusion of a window by installing a grid of mirrors, leaving one inch around each to mimic windowpanes. Wall color is important to pull the space together or to add interest. If you have an older home, consider wallpaper crafted from old magazines or newspapers, ideally dated the same as the year your home was built or an important date in your family's history.  Cover the pages with clear varnish to preserve them and to make the wall easy to clean. 

A narrow table beneath the mirror is attractive and convenient. Add a basket for keys and outgoing mail or several baskets, one for each household member.  These can contain the items needed before leaving home such as I.D. badges, coupons, and event tickets.  The baskets can add color to the foyer. If no more color is needed, they will add texture.  Baskets beneath the table can hold footwear worn only outdoors -- but be sure to add a boot tray for wet soles. Martha Stewart suggests filling a boot tray with stones from a garden center so snow and ice will melt and drain through the rocks to the bottom of the tray.  If you wish to discourage visitors from wearing street shoes in your home, this is the place for a basket of colorful slippers or socks.

Illumination is a critical component of a foyer. Some people fall in love with a chandelier or set of scones and decorate the foyer around that. Others complete the design and decor of their foyer and wonder how best to light it. Whichever way you design, keep these tips in mind when choosing lighting fixtures for your foyer:

  • A hanging lighting fixture should have 2 to 3 inches of height for each foot of ceiling height: thus, a 15-foot-high foyer ceiling needs a chandelier that is at least 30-inches high.
  • In a single-story foyer, be sure all light fixtures have at least seven feet from the floor to the bottom of the fixture.
  • To provide enough illumination for safety and visual appeal, you will need between 200 and 400 watts of power.
  • When the entryway is visible through a window or glass door, center the chandelier and scale it within that view.

Urban Ambiance breaks the traditional mold in home lighting, offering you contemporary options that reflect your unique lifestyle. Please contact us if you have any questions and to explore your options.

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