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Bring Home the Vintage Lighting Styles of Old Havana With Urban Ambiance

Bring Home the Vintage Lighting Styles of Old Havana With Urban Ambiance

Bring Home the Vintage Lighting Styles of Old Havana With Urban Ambiance


The colorful island country of Cuba is known for its unique, vintage styles and colorful colonial roots. Nowhere is it more evident than in Havana's eclectic architecture and the city's consistent nod to nostalgia. Cuba-themed design easily fits in with modern home decor giving it a classic vibe you will love. Urban Ambiance carries a complete line of colonial and vintage-style lighting sure to compliment any Havana-inspired aesthetic you choose.

The Beauty of Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting styles range from the mid-century modern design movement to the Art Deco glamour of Hollywood's golden age. From streamlined simplicity to industrial functionality, lighting can be as representative of the era as it is of the interior designer. The use of natural materials and geometric forms with little ornamentation once ruled the day. Its charm is still as relevant in most modern homes as it was back then.

Havana continues to embrace the romance of its vibrant and versatile history by preserving the brightest and the best of its colonial heritage. Today's homes often incorporate these tried-and-true styles into any interior or exterior setting with fantastic results.

Colonial Influences

Havana celebrates and maintains its rich, colonial character with enthusiasm. Visitors are drawn to the architectural gems and the antique, tropical vibe of the old city. The colonial lighting found in many public buildings and homes has its roots in the early 19th century. Traditional homes in that era sought to combine comfort with an air of formality. Lighting styles varied by financial means but the use of metals like brass and wrought iron dominated along with unadorned wood.

Urban Ambiance offers quality, colonial-inspired chandeliers and outdoor lighting with a variety of silk or bronze finishes.  It is the ideal way to add focus or contrast to the saturated hues and pastels Old Havana is known for.

Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

Suburban expansion occurred in Cuba soon after the second World War spawning a quick spread of the Mid-Century Modern movement. Lighting styles became sleeker with futuristic silhouettes and organic forms. Frosted glass adorning quirky geometric shapes constructed of natural materials grew in popularity. The Art Deco opulence of the previous decade also maintained its place in city buildings and offices.

Mid-century modern lighting fits comfortably in almost every home environment. With its interesting patterns and uncluttered elegance, it is no wonder it remains a smart accessory in contemporary home decor.

Industrial Practicality

Havana has recently experienced a neon light revival in its city center thanks to the efforts of Cuban artist, Kadir Lopez Nieves. The iconic lights pay tribute to the city's vintage vibe. The welcome nighttime glow compliments the existing vintage architectural heritage of the city.  This includes the preservation of the industrial lighting styles prevalent in many of the city's buildings.

Industrial lighting is all about functionality but it has found its place in today's more intentional home design. Its simple lines are both eye-catching and edgy adding a distinctive character to any room. From industrial chic chandeliers to bathroom vanity lighting, your custom home projects will be enhanced by this timeless style.

Urban Ambiance is your number one source for high-quality interior and outdoor luxury lighting. We give back to the community by partnering with Habitat for Humanity and donating a percentage of our profits to those in need. We take pride in our friendly customer service as well as in our insistence of only offering the best products in the industry.  We know you will be inspired by our carefully curated brands.

Bring a little of Havana's Caribbean aesthetic home by decorating with the vibrant colors of Cuba's tropical landscape. Add lush greenery, distressed vintage furniture pieces, and textured fabrics for the perfect stay-at-home getaway. Contact us anytime and let us know how we can help you find the ideal lighting fixtures to meet your Cuba-inspired decorating needs.

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