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Holiday Decor Styles


Exciting Holiday Decor Styles You Must Try

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means: it is time to think of a decoration theme for the season.

From a simplistic wreath hung on the front door to a full Christmas glamor, we all have a style to complement our tastes for the holidays. The most adventurous of us go a step further to think outside the box and either push the traditional décor with a new twist or come up with entirely new styles.

There are countless décor styles you can go with to express your inner decorator and set a theme for the holidays in your household. Are you still sampling different ideas for your holiday décor this season? This post is for you.

Here are some excitingly inspiring holiday décor styles you can go with verbatim or mix and match to your taste.

Classic Traditional Christmas Décor Style

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas brought to life by singing carolers and beautiful halls dotted with sparkling lights? Does the holiday season embody warmth, hospitality, homey scents, soft lighting, and charming décor pieces? If so, you cannot go wrong going classic in your holiday décor.

The traditional Christmas décor is bright and celebratory, with cheerful color palettes of red, green, silver, and gold. A finish of crisp white and optional pink paired with metallic accents can add inviting and festive interiors. Be sure to source a fresh tree and adorn it with warm shimmery lights, any childhood ornaments, and an eye-catching crown to top it all.

Some of the ornaments that complete your classic traditional Christmas décor may include a wreath, red and white stockings, garland, candles, and Christmas lights.

"The traditional Christmas décor is bright and celebratory, with cheerful color palettes of red, green, silver, and gold."

Modern Farmhouse Décor Style

The modern farmhouse holiday décor that combines a cozy traditional country style with a clean style modern touch will never go out of fashion. While the terms 'farmhouse' and 'modern' seem contradictory, their use in holiday decorations complement each other pretty well for the holiday season.

To pull off this décor style, you must think and go casual. Try to harness country elements and add a contemporary spin to it. Strive to blend clean lines and neutral color palettes with natural materials such as bricks and vintage fixtures. A large holiday centerpiece, such as a farmhouse kitchen with candles to complete the tablescapes, will really accentuate the style.

The modern farmhouse décor style works even better outdoors. Consider donning the yard with farmhouse outdoor light fixtures, especially if the weather is too windy for candles.

Glam Christmas Décor Style

A glamorous Christmas holiday décor is one of the easiest styles to pull off because it is almost impossible to get anything wrong. When you embrace the unconventional and add a bit of a contemporary Christmas theme, you will get a theme that reflects the true holiday spirit.

As a rule of thumb, you should go with wintry accents complemented with metallic tones that emphasize the bright yet simplistic beauty of winter. Choose bold geometric-shaped ornaments with a touch of polished metal to echo the calmness of fresh snow and cool neutrals for a unified look. Make the Christmas tree the centerpiece of the holiday décor and set the tone for the rest of the design.

Do not stop at the Christmas tree, though; there are many ideas you can use to add cheer to the interiors and elevate the look and feel of different areas of your home.

Minimalist Holiday Décor

How do you know you are a minimalist? One sign is if you find all the holiday razzmatazz a bit too much and decorations overwhelming. You cannot deal with all the clutter of decorations and would rather go simple but sophisticated. However, just because you are a minimalist at heart does not mean there is no décor style for you. The minimalist décor style is all about displaying the minimum statement pieces while delivering maximum impact. A simple wreath from the leaves and sprigs of a pine tree will do for you, the same way you can go for a wire Christmas tree adorned with lights over an actual tree.

You can make the fireplace the focal point of the décor rather than the tablescape. Use simple accents of silver with white woolen stockings and frill-free natural logs, and holiday origami will bring out the spirit of the holidays without cluttering your space.

Rustic Setting Holiday Décor

It is not the most popular holiday style, but a rustic décor can be an excellent way to turn your home into a magical holiday retreat. This style goes particularly well as a farmhouse décor with a classic holiday flair.

The first rule of rustic décor is to go big and plaid. Think old-fashioned with plaid gingham stockings, a rustic wreath made of fern, cedar, or pine, and throw pillows that match your favorite style. For decorations, go with eye-catching figurines and ornaments accented with pops of red and wood to complement the wintry rustic space. Consider rustic lighting styles that brighten the space while adding a vintage charm.

You can take liberties with the Christmas tree and still pull off a rustic look. If unsure, consider nestling pine cones on the tree branches and incorporate burlap instead of fabric or ribbon garlands.

Luxe Silver & Gold Holiday Décor

Are you looking to decorate your home in a way that brings instant coziness and warmth and adds a soft glow and glamor of elegance without drowning the greenery of the mantle? Perhaps you want to add magic to your expensive taste and turn it into a winter wonderland with a casual and intimate feel. If so, you should definitely go with the luxurious silver and gold décor style.

To pull off this décor, you should consider an all-metallic or a metallic silver with gold accents décor style. Go extravagant with gray or silver pendants and gold-finish ornaments to create a gorgeous and sophisticated look for a luxe style. Choose a gold-flocked wreath, lush garlands, glittery cones, and a gold-leafed Christmas tree as the focal point of the décor.

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Bottom Line

If you pull out the same holiday decorations every year, using the same tree, mantel, and decorations, it may be time to change things up a little. These ideas will help you come up with new decors that will be a sign of an upgrade. Check back regularly during the holiday season to get new holiday decor ideas that may help get your creative juices flowing.

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