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Create a Dramatic Effect with Moroccan Style Lighting

Create a Dramatic Effect with Moroccan Style Lighting

With striking hues, artistic shapes and attractive materials, Moroccan style lighting makes a beautiful addition to any room. Whether part of a complete Moroccan design scheme or a single lamp to add interest, these fixtures never fail to create a dramatic effect.

Moroccan Style Background

Poised at the northern tip of Africa, across the Mediterranean Sea from Spain and Portugal, through the years Morocco has found itself host to people from a variety of cultures and religions. This has resulted in a fascinating interior design style incorporating influences from north and south, east and west.

Moroccan Design Elements

With rich colors, tiles in mosaic patterns and intricate wooden designs, Moroccan style is ideal for those who enjoy designing interiors with a flair for the dramatic and exotic. Moroccan style utilizes architectural elements like arches and keyhole doorways. Textiles are an important element and throw pillows, floor cushions and draperies in luxurious fabrics abound, as well as hardwood floors covered in colorful kilim or rabat rugs. Colors reflect the hues found in Morocco's landscape - the blue and green of the sea, the beige sand and the gold and red of vibrant sunsets. Accessorize with mirrors, plants and a few candles. Lighting is an essential component in Moroccan style interiors, and a well-chosen lamp can add texture and style that brings a room together. 

Moroccan Style Lighting

Moroccan light fixtures are frequently designed with artistic shapes intended to draw the eye. Moroccan chandeliers in Urban Ambience's Mackay collection and Lexington collection feature dramatic shapes, attractive details like crystal beads and the appearance of candlelight. Lamps that resemble street lanterns and pendant light fixtures grouped together are also good choices for this design scheme, and lamps from the Mackay and Rimini collections work well. Light fixtures constructed from metals like copper and iron are often used in Moroccan interiors. Select an Art Deco chandelier or hanging pendant lampwith the copper revival finish from the Genoa collection to achieve this effect.

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