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Austin City Style

Austin City Style

Mid-Century Modern Gems

When you think of Austin, TX, the first thing that comes to mind might be the vibrant live music scene, or perhaps the endless list of "must try" barbecue and taco restaurants. You might not realize that Austin has one of the best collections of mid-century modern homesin the US. Many of them located in the hilly outskirts of the city, these homes are deceptively humble at first glance. The mid-mod style works beautifully with the ecologically diverse region which boasts a huge array of wildflowers throughout the year. The native plants of this region of Texas complement the elegant angles of these homes, and the modern style reflects the attitudes of the people in this hip, vibrant city. 

Creating the Look in Your Own Home

It's hard to look at these homes and not dream of creating your own mid-century masterpiece. No matter where you live, this style is all about clean lines, functionality and understated beauty. Because the design is minimalist, attention to detail is vital. With fewer opportunities to make a visual splash, lighting comes front and center. A post light at the end of your walkway warmly welcomes guests to your home, giving them a clue to your love of design before they ever set foot inside the house. The foyer provides a wonderful opportunity to shine, with a bold pendant. In the dining room, a chandelier will draw the eye, bringing together all the elements of the room while providing a comforting glow. Don't let any single room disrupt the cohesion of your home, but instead carry the theme throughout the house with stylish bathroom fixtures. 

While Austin has some of the coolest homes around, mid-century modern style can work anywhere. Just like music and food, great design is universal. You don't have to live there to know that. But if you happen to be in the area, be sure you drive by and check out the Butterfly House. You won't be disappointed.

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