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Contemporary Style Pendant Lights Can Set Many Tones

Contemporary Style Pendant Lights Can Set Many Tones

Chic with an air of timeless elegance, contemporary pendant lights can set many different moods and tones in just about any room of your home. Depending on the style and function you need, these lights can serve as task lights, ambiance lighting, or even accent lighting.

Kitchen islands are ideal locations for pendant lights - not only do these types of lights help to better illuminate the counter for food prep and light meals, they also help to fill the vertical void of the space, something interior designers strive to achieve. For example, pendant lights with the look of spun glass are a beautiful way to add subtle movement, texture and rhythm in a classic yet contemporary style. Another interesting look blends modern style with Art Deco flair - these are just a couple of ways you can add functional focal points to your kitchen through lighting.

Placed in the center of a room, a pendant light can make a statement and add a dramatic tone to a family room or living room. By using a dimmer switch, you can brighten or soften the lighting in your space according to the mood you want to set at any given time. Lower the light for TV viewing, create a flattering effect for cocktail parties, or raise the brightness for reading and game nights. 

Dining tables are perfect places for pendant lights. In a formal dining room, an elegant clear multi-panel glass pendant will lend a sophisticated ambiance to your holiday and dinner parties. Echo the shape of round table in a kitchen alcove with a pendant of the same shapethat offers downward lighting enhanced by a subtle circular element.

We can help you choose the right lighting for any interior or exterior spot in your home. Contact us to find out how we can make your home even more beautiful.

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