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Brighten up Your Home with Spherical Lighting Fixtures

Brighten up Your Home with Spherical Lighting Fixtures

Finding the right lighting fixtures for your home serves both an aesthetic purpose, along with assisting household members in everyday, practical tasks.  Although most homes have a standard overhead ceiling light in virtually every room, there are many daily tasks that require additional lighting.  Spherical lighting throughout the home is a great way to add essential illumination in key areas, while offering homeowners an amazing opportunity to add great style to a room at a relatively low cost.  In this post, we will outline some areas of the home that greatly benefit from the addition of spherical lighting.

Focused Lighting

Adding spherical lighting fixtures over a kitchen island is a great way to add visual interest to the kitchen area, while providing family members with the crucial light needed for working with cutlery and cooking appliances.  Spherical lighting also looks great over dining tables, allowing homeowners to create a warm atmosphere during family meals.  Any area of the home such as living rooms, reading nooks, etc. where tasks such as reading, sewing, or other fine eye/hand coordination tasks are routinely performed can benefit from the addition of focused spherical lighting as well.  Lastly, bathrooms can benefit from spherical lighting fixtures by adding necessary light for daily grooming activities such as shaving, applying makeup, styling hair, etc.

Spherical for Every Style

Lighting fixtures have come a long way in recent years and there is a spherical lighting fixture for almost every style and decor.  From modern or contemporary styles, the newer wildly popular industrial style, to just about everything in between, including rustic, vintage, art deco, colonial and craftsmen -- there is a spherical lighting fixture to match almost every style.  Spherical lighting fixtures come in versatile types including wall sconces, bathroom vanity lights and hanging overhead lights, which look particularly beautiful over islands, dining room tables and reading chairs.

Spherical lighting can add that coveted "wow" factor to any home, while also increasing illumination in essential areas.  For more information about our large selection of spherical lighting fixtures, please contact us!

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