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City Style: Art Deco Gets A Modern Twist

City Style: Art Deco Gets A Modern Twist

Traditional art deco dates back to France during the 1920's. This beautiful and timeless style is one that not only exudes luxury and positivity; but also a modern and "futuristic" approach. Today, art deco lighting transcends with geometric shapes and avant garde motifs that provide your living space with a dramatic and beautiful approach.

Whenever you think of the terms modern and urban; congestion, fast-paced, and pandemonium may come to mind. Adding an art deco fixture to your home will give your space both harmony and a sense of calm.

Art Deco lighting is mainly known for its timelessness and versatility. Due to the modern streamline design and its use of glass and metal; art deco is a concept that can be incorporated into any room.

The key to properly executing art deco lighting into your home is to consider the following when making this decision:

  1. Know Your Style- When choosing art deco fixtures; ensure that you have the proper space to incorporate the right motif. Think about your own personal style or taste to help make the right choice.
  2. Understand Shape Patterns- Explore and experiment with different patterns and lines to match    your selections perfectly. Be sure to maintain consistency for best results. Always feel free to add/subtract colors and patterns to achieve the look you are trying to accomplish.
  3. Setting The Tone- Choosing the right lighting can "set the tone" for a beautiful evening with friends or a relaxing evening with your partner. This can also aid in selecting the right sized fixture for the selected space. You can purchase a chandelier for the dining/common area or you can purchase a smaller fixture for your bedroom, for nice low light reading without disturbing your spouse.
  4.  Final Touches/End Result- After you make your selection and adding its features; check for any additional or subtraction from its features. Your overall end result should be something that is both personal and harmonious.

Art Deco lighting is a timeless and versatile approach to any room in your home. To learn more about how Art Deco lighting can transform your living space, contact us for more information.

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