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Shabby Chic Lighting for a Home with Attitude

Shabby Chic Lighting for a Home with Attitude

Lighting is an accessory that can make or break the look of a home. It showcases a room's features and draws attention to its design elements. When considering lighting styles for your home, keep shabby chic style lighting on your radar. Shabby chic lighting fits in with most decor themes and gives a modern look with a rustic edge. Shabby chic is a design element that looks worn and old, while being contemporary at the same time. If you are looking for high-quality shabby chic lighting, Urban Ambiance has a style you are sure to love.

Urban Ambiance specializes in lighting solutions that fit every room in your home. From outdoor pendant lights to dining room chandeliers, each piece is made of the best quality materials available and is designed with a clear vision of excellence.

Shabby chic lighting will give your space attitude. If you are looking to spruce up your dining room and give it pizzazz, check out the French Country Chandelier from the Bordeaux Collection. This light dangles from the ceiling like a fine piece of jewelry to give the look of rustic sophistication. The Cosmopolitan Semi-Flush Ceiling Light is perfect for entryways and open living spaces. It features a simple, yet grand appearance and radiates a broad spectrum of light that makes the room feel airy. You can also give your bathroom a simple facelift with the Industrial Bathroom Light by Dallas Collection. This light fixture comes with one to three lights to suit your needs and makes any bathroom look like an urban relaxation retreat. Bedrooms, home offices, and other medium size spaces are the perfect home for the French Country Indoor Pendant from the York Collection. This light comes in dark and light finishes and provides an open and contemporary feel. 

Whether your room is large or small, dark or light, cozy or airy, Urban Ambiance has a shabby chic lighting solution you will not find anywhere else. Each light is designed to last for many years to come and adds a touch of class to any decor style. Let us help you find the best piece for your home; contact us today so we can get started!


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