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UHP3851 Urban Loft Pendant Light, 14.25"H x 12"W, Blackened Brass Finish, Frederick Collection

Pendant Light

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Pendant Lights: Exquisite Task Lighting

For years, hanging lights have been in demand. Even before electrical lighting was in existence, candelabras were celebrated in ancient Roman cultures as far back as 3000 BC and were commonly used in public buildings and many households. The concept of creating and controlling overhead lighting has been a fascination of humankind for thousands of years.

At Urban Ambiance, we have upgraded this ancient concept to modern times, with amazing improvements and alterations, all through the use of indoor pendant lights. And because we only work with the most reputable and successful lighting manufacturers, whose focus is on quality and style, you are treated to the luxury of browsing through our vast collection of pendant lights, with a great likelihood of discovering the perfect modern luxury pendant ceiling lights for your home.

Finding the Perfect Luxury Pendant Light

Your lighting and illumination needs vary from room to room in your home. This creates special spaces, some brightly lit to aid you in household activities such as hobbies, crafts, with other areas deliberately muted for a more meditative atmosphere.

With our carefully curated selection of quality luxury pendant ceiling lights, you have lots of ways to accomplish your varying illumination goals. For instance, you can choose pendant lights with different features; this will help you narrow your choices down to lights meeting your specific wants, such as:

  • Illumination Intensity - different areas in your home need different levels of brightness, and we have pendant lights with various wattage and accommodating different numbers of bulbs
  • Ceiling Height - higher ceilings may call for pendant lights with adjustable chains for determining appropriate lengths
  • Aesthetics - thanks to the variety of materials and finishes, finding a pendant light matching your room tones is easy

With these options remaining on the table while you are shopping for ideas, you will find yourself easily focusing in on the ideal fixtures for each area in your home.

Types of High-End Pendant Lights

While pendant lights are a particular type in and of itself, there are also several types of modern farmhouse pendant lights we offer, which results in lots of outstanding options when shopping for pendant lights.

Our pendant lights come in a variety of shapes:

  • Candle Style
  • Circular
  • Drum
  • Geometric
  • Linear
  • Sphere/Globe
  • Square
  • Tear Drop

You also enjoy a variety of finish tones, making the matching or contrasting of fixture to room colors even more exciting and creative through these selections:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Gold
  • Polished Nickel
  • Silver
  • Stainless Steel
  • White

 You will also find our fixtures to be LED bulb-compatible and have dimming capabilities, offering you even more choices and ideas when selecting pendant lights.  

Popular High-End Pendant Light Styles

At Urban Ambiance, you will find 120 different luxury pendant ceiling light models in a variety of classic and artistic styles. (Please note that some models fit into multiple style categories and are consequently listed more than once.)

  • Americana - offers you ten models in a variety of shapes and finish tones
  • Art Deco - has ten models, each expressing the Art Deco era in its own unique way
  • Bohemian - these six models all feature beautiful glass globe covers 
  • Coastal - the five models offer different shapes holding various numbers of bulbs
  • Colonial - there are two models in this style, a smaller and larger version of a similar design using olde bronze finishes 
  • Contemporary - the ten models in this style present bold modern lines, angles, and curves in a whole new look
  • Cosmopolitan - has one model offering a low-hanging pendant light with a strikingly patterned circular screen
  • Craftsmen - there are two models, both utilizing a forged iron finish with an opaque cylindrical globe to produce two unique designs
  • Crystal - with these four models, crystals gleam as the central element in each fixture
  • Cube - the one model in this style offers an open-framed square in a natural black finish surrounding the singular oblong bulb it illuminates
  • Designer - all three models in this style present new perspectives for large cylindrical screens
  • Electrical Insulator - with thirteen models, indulge in some unique and new shapes for pendant lights
  • Farmhouse - you can find eleven models, each reflecting an aspect of the classic American farm setting 
  • French Country - the two models in this style present a classic and contemporary vision of French country designs
  • Geometric - gives you two models, each of a different unusual shape - a hexagon frame or large, beveled teardrop design
  • Globe - the one model in this style gives a modernistic frame of two rings perpendicular to each other
  • Industrial - there are twenty-two models cleverly combining glass with different metallic finishes and designs
  • Industrial Chic - these six models add a bit of charm and grace within an industrial theme
  • Luxe - gives you one model which delivers a low-hanging pendant light with a Palladian gold finish and opaque cylindrical globe
  • Luxury - these two models offer a stunning crystal cover with either an antique silver or olde bronze finish 
  • Mediterranean - the two models in this style offer two distinctive looks with a Mediterranean hint
  • Mid-Century Modern - with eight models in this style, discover new and inspiring contemporary pendant light styles
  • Minimalist - the two models in this style emphasize simplistic yet elegant shapes 
  • Modern - you will find thirteen models in this style, all in artistic designs meriting appreciation and reflecting originality
  • Modern Farmhouse - with thirty-four models you can let your creative spirits soar with new ideas
  • Moroccan - delivers one model in a contemporary design using a polished nickel finish 
  • Multi-Shape - the one model in this style presents an unusual globe frame inside a box frame using a natural black finish
  • Multi-Tone - has one model using framed rectangles in Parisian bronze finish offset by a striking golden copper collar for the light socket
  • Nautical - the seven models in this style all use ocean or seafaring design and motifs 
  • Old World - offers you two models with two very different expressions
  • Quatrefoil Cube - the one model in this style presents an unusual open cube frame in a soft creme finish
  • Rustic - the ten models in this style breathes fresh air into old rustic ideas and designs
  • Shabby Chic - offering three models, each design is a new way of expressing chic styles
  • Traditional - the two models in this style perfectly uses a midnight black finish to create memorable effects
  • Transitional - you will find nineteen models, all taking traditional shapes in new directions 
  • Tuscan - the one model in this style takes a simple rectangular frame and adds new artistic twists
  • Urban Industrial - with nine models, you have nine approaches to mixing an industrial feel in an urban setting
  • Vintage - the eight models offered here make vintage feel bright and new
  • Vintage Electric - the three models in this style bring a mushroom-shaped, opaque glass cover to life in three different finishes

At Urban Ambiance, we believe in offering our clients the best selections in each type of light fixture we have available. Fortunately, those seeking exciting beautiful pendant light designs will find more than enough choices in our carefully curated collection of quality pendant light fixtures.

Sizing Quality Pendant Lights for Different Areas

Thanks to their versatility, you can find yourself installing indoor pendant lights for many different places in your home. Just as a starting list for design ideas, consider these areas...

  • Entry - an excellent way of lighting the first point which guests encounter upon entering your home, an appropriately and tastefully placed pendant light in the entry of a house can make a strong and positive statement
  • Dining - employing two or more pendant lights in your dining area can be the final statement of culinary elegance when entertaining family, friends, or possibly business associates 
  • Bathroom - pendant lights in the bathroom and shower area can be a wonderful addition to or replacement of the classic vanity lights typically found in the bathroom
  • Study/Den - as replacements for desk or floor lamps, the right pendant light can add a quiet class while delivering superior illumination
  • Kitchen - for the busy chef, space is a premium and sufficient light is a must, which makes pendant lights excellent candidates as the light source for food and meal preparations
  • Living Room - instead of the standard overhead lights usually found in living rooms, the presence of pendant lights can be a bright change to a common area
  • Bedroom - this is another spot where the use of pendant lights can create a warm and inviting tone in the room where peace, quiet, and rest are paramount

As you can see, each area will have its own demands concerning the size and placement of your luxury pendant lights. Generally, select fixtures which fit well for the room size, while calculating how many fixtures you plan to use in each area. The number of lights each fixture accommodates, along with its wattage and how low the lights hang, will also factor into determining the appropriate size of your pendant lights.

Pendant Light Intensity and Direction

As all modern pendant lights are overhead, much of the light flow directs upward, and you benefit from the reflective aspect of the light intensity. However, this is a general rule, and other factors should be considered when deciding how much brightness you prefer in each room or area, such as:

  • Distance - some pendant lights hang much lower than others, giving you more direct light than those fixtures hanging higher from the floor
  • Bulbs - you can find fixtures holding just one bulb with others accommodating a larger number, which increases brightness
  • Wattage - bulbs with higher wattage produce brighter illumination
  • Shades - some fixtures use shades to mute the intensity, while others use glass which emphasizes the brightness effect
  • Number of Fixtures - for areas demanding greater illumination, many homeowners employ multiple fixtures in such spaces

By combining the above factors, you can get quite accurate in determining light intensity and how to put reflective light to best use.

Installing a Contemporary Pendant Lighting

When it comes to installing your luxury pendant ceiling lights, if you have the right tools, a stable ladder or step-stool, and an assistant able to help in taking down the old fixture and supporting your new pendant light while you secure it to the ceiling, it is fairly easy to complete and does not require a lot of time.

The general rules you  want to follow when installing pendant lights are:

  • Power Off First - the first and foremost step when handling electrical wiring is to kill the power feeding the fixture you are replacing
  • Steady Support - a lot of your work is at ceiling level, so have a stable ladder or step-stool available
  • Use a Partner - working with overhead fixtures is not a solo job, even if your helper only holds and hands you things
  • Read Instructions - many fixtures have additional instructions you should understand and follow before beginning the full job

Fortunately, for most installations, you will be working with existing wiring and replacing an old fixture with a new pendant light which better reflects your taste and style. Finding simple yet professional guidelines is easy to find online, so we put out the effort and uncovered this excellent guide to installing a pendant light. While this need is less common, we even found you a guide to wire up a new ceiling light.

Finally, if you're just not into the DIY thing, you can get a competent handyperson to do the job for you; it shouldn't cost more than $100 an hour nor take more than one hour per fixture installation.

Maintaining and Caring For Luxury Pendant Lights

Once installed, maintaining and caring for your indoor pendant lights is as simple as adding one more minor task to your weekly cleaning regimen to keep those lights shining as brightly and new as when you first purchased them. With regular attention, you can keep the look of your home fresh and new while also maintaining high value of the property.

General maintenance rules which keep your new high-end pendant lights in top condition are:

  • Lights Out - always turn off your pendant lights for a minimum of 15 minutes to avoid burning yourself
  • Stable Support - whenever working with fixtures attached to the ceiling, use a sturdy step-stool or ladder for a solid balance  
  • Clean by Hand - remove all detachable pieces and clean them in a brightly lit area
  • No Abrasive Chemicals - using industrial strength cleaners can cloud crystal and leave other permanent marks or stains
  • Dust with Microfiber Cloth - either a feather duster or dry microfiber cloth will remove most dust and dirt particles
  • Wear Cotton Gloves - whenever handling glass, wear clean cotton gloves to avoid smudges

We have even more ideas and tips which can brighten your home and life! Contact us today and let's explore the many avenues we offer which will lead you to a bright new house, both inside and out.