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Your Private Oasis- Design Ideas for your Master Bedroom


Your Private Oasis- Design Ideas for your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is not just the place where you sleep or get ready for each day. It's not just where you keep your clothes or where you scroll under the covers; it's your private sanctuary. Your inner sanctum. The design of your master bedroom should be entirely under your control and shaped to provide the ultimate relaxing space for the primary adult or couple of the household.

The 2020s are all about renovating for those little luxuries at home. Master bedroom trends this year include personal lighting, flashy master bedroom headboards, and cool DIY projects that make your space truly unique. You can paint the walls, install new floors, add an accent wall, or change the ensuite design. You can install new light fixtures such as a chandelier for elegant and versatile lighting and more outlets for a more high-tech gadget-filled lifestyle.

Let's dive into interior design trends for master bedroom essentials in 2023.

What Should Every Master Bedroom Have?

Lately, Interior design trends are taking concepts back to the essentials. What should every master bedroom have that provides beauty, luxury, and practical support for your daily routine?

Every master bedroom needs a warm color palette that refreshes you when you wake up and when you retreat to your inner sanctum. The floor should be carpeted or feature a soft rug or two that your feet delight to step into. Not to mention, of course, a bed for the body and soul, a master bedroom headboard that reflects your style, bedside tables, and a vanity or dressing area.

From there, it's up to you what adds luxury and beauty to your daily life starting in your most private space.

“... The 2020s are all about renovating for those little luxuries at home. Master bedroom trends this year include personal lighting, flashy master bedroom headboards, and cool DIY projects that make your space truly unique."

1) Must Have Luxury Bedding Options

Start with a bed, the first step is a mattress that uplifts your body and leaves you feeling like you slept on a cloud. The right firmness, softness, and toppers will be unique to each person or couple, so don't be afraid to experiment!

Then branch out into luxuriously breathable sheets in natural fibers like long-staple luxury cotton or modern sustainable bamboo. Don't be shy about picking up a few different sheet set colors, then mixing and matching to create a gorgeous two-tone bed in color scheme that you love.

Finally, build a collection of linens, including throw pillows, knit blankets, and comforters that create comfort in every season. The right quilt can perfect your temp transitions in spring and fall while a weighted blanket can make cool summer sleeping more comforting without a comforter.

2) Master Bedroom Color Palettes

What are the best colors for a luxe master suite?

2023 is transforming the 20-teens love of gray, charcoal, and greige into a beautiful blend of muted colors and natural materials. Silver and bronze are transforming into a love of mixed metal light fixtures. Chandeliers and sculptural lights are appearing where there once would have been a demure flush light or ceiling fan. Restored and recycled materials are hot, and wicker is making a serious comeback too.

The hottest colors in 2023 are warm and natural. We are seeing a lot of love for amber and honey color palettes, with a range from sunny eggshell to accents of burnt orange. At the same time, moss muted greens form a color palette with warm and dark wood tones, blended with industrial styles like nature taking back a city of steel and wrought iron. Accent walls with shiplap, woodpaneling, or floor-to-ceiling wallpapers are trending master bedroom decorating ideas, that create a great focal point.

3) Luxury Master Bedroom Headboard with Reading Lights

Forget the old bed frame you have had for years . A great headboard becomes the focal point of your master bedroom design. . Whether you choose an upholstered headboard, canopy bed, or carved headboard or something DIY, this elegant detail can transform the look and feel of your master bedroom. Adding built in wall lamps will provide a soft personal light to each side of the bed. If you like to sit with your laptop or phone (or a real paper book) in bed, a bedside light can be a fun luxury.

Whether you choose to DIY your headboard or buy one premade, a beautiful headboard can serve as your nightstand, your reading light, and a beautiful statement piece for your master bedroom decor.

4) Extra Outlets with USB

Have you ever wished your master bedroom had more outlets? Wish USB or USB was available without an adapter? You can have it all. With very light bedroom renovation, you can have more outlets and USB-powered outlets installed into your oasis. This makes more room for phone charters, smart home devices, computers, and bedroom entertainment systems without endless power strips and extension cords snaking around your beautiful room. Bedside tables with built-in plugs are becoming more common as well.

5) Soft and Bright Overhead Lighting

Improve your master bedroom's quality of light by upgrading your light fixture. Many older bedrooms have a single rickety flush light or ceiling fan which doesn't give off enough light while also subtly dating the room. Modern bedrooms will have a multi-bulb decorative ceiling fan or even a beautiful bedroom chandelier or cluster of pendants above the bed.

Not only can you spice up your inner sanctum with a ceiling centerpiece, you can also bring up the light levels and incorporate smart lights. You can add a dimmer or layer lighting for both bright cleaning illumination and mood lighting in the bedroom. If you are lucky enough to have many windows in your master bedroom, open the blinds and let the natural light in!

6) A Reading Corner and Upholstery Dressing Chair

The reading nook is another essential of your private retreat. This is a good place for a bookshelf, an area rug, a accent chair for sitting area, and dont forget a side table with your favorite table lamp to create a cozy, layered space. Master bedroom trends favor one piece of vintage-style statement upholstery or perhaps a beautiful restored classic rocking chair. Often, this chair is an old favorite that has retired from the living room, but you might find yourself the perfect chair online or local shopping. Be sure to give your reading corner its own lamp or drop-down pendant light for a pool of illumination for your literature.

7) Heirlooms and Special Memories On Display

Make a place for your special items, memories, and heirlooms. This may be a vanity top, a shelf on your bookcase, or picture frames on the wall. You may set your childhood stuffed animal artfully on the dresser top or your sports trophies along a floating shelf. This is your private space, and the things that make you happiest to see should be visible and pleasingly displayed.

If you love to DIY, this can be where you can put your heart and soul into your master bedroom design. Creating or personalizing the frames and presentation around your special memory decor will connect an on-trend master bedroom design to the true heart of those who sleep there. A gallery wall with frames in all different paint colors is a fun way to add a pop of color to your master bedroom design.

8) Gently Glowing Nightlight Features

Lastly, don't forget a nightlight. A shuffle to the master bathroom can be safe and soothing with modern nightlight technology. LEDs behind diffusers are beautiful and can be set to a very low glow. This can be just enough to navigate by, but not enough to disturb your sleep. Plus, lining things like your ceiling or doorways with built in ground lighting can be quite beautiful.

If you want to enjoy a high-tech master bedroom design, experimenting with LED lighting is a wonderful way to both accent your space and enjoy cool smart home controls.

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Mastering the Master Bedroom with Urban Ambiance

Designing the perfect master bedroom is unique to each person or couple. The best color scheme and stylistic choices will depend on what makes you feel happiest and most relaxed in your space. However, these essential elements can ensure that your inner sanctum is as peaceful and convenient as possible when your design is complete. To discover the perfect light fixtures to upgrade that old flickering relic or take your accent lighting to the next level, contact us or get started by exploring the online Urban Ambiance collection. We would be honored to help you complete your ideal inner sanctum.

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