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Seven Artistic Ways to Decorate Your Home

Seven Artistic Ways to Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home may begin with the furniture, but it always ends with those artistic finishing touches that set your home's ambiance and pull your styles together. Artwork can hang from the walls or the ceiling, set on a table, or reach up from the floor. The one thing that all artwork has in common is that it is uniquely beautiful and enhances the beauty of your home around it.

What kind of artwork is best for your home design and the space you'd like to create? Consider your many options in types of artworks, the styles available, and how you'd like to decorate. Let's explore different types of artworks to help you envision the perfect ambiance and décor for your home.


1) Framed Paintings and Prints

The first type of art is the one everyone knows about and typically loves: framed artwork. There are literally millions of pieces of art and scanned real images that you could have a print of for your walls. Posters and prints are typically mounted in glass-front frames. Canvas masterpieces can also be protected behind glass and are more typically exposed to the open air. Painted canvas also has a beautiful texture, no matter the context of the painting.

Consider color, content, and even frame design when decorating your home with framed art and prints. Matching frames look sleek and uniform, while eclectic frames can breathe life into a stiff design. You can create a beautiful wall of art or a theme of framed artwork throughout your home, no matter the content of your prints and canvas paintings.


2) Wall Sculptures

Of course, framed art isn't the only thing you can put on your walls. There are also wall sculptures - a unique and delightful category of sculpture artwork designed to hang against your wall. There are so many types of hanging sculptures designed to take the place of a painting on your wall. You can choose any color scheme or stylistic choice. Some are abstract, some are cultural, some are a conveyance of the artist's inner thoughts.

Consider the beauty and 3D viewing potential of using wall sculptures instead of (or alongside) prints. Many people find wall sculptures to be more compelling, immersive, and an expression of personal artistic taste. Just remember to take sculptures down and check their fasteners more often, as they are heavy, and you don't want to risk a fall.


3) Statement Light Fixtures

A statement light fixture is a fun and potentially beautiful way to decorate starting with a centerpiece for the whole room. Small spaces come to life with a statement fixture like a drop-pendant. Long hallways are more welcoming with stylish, eye-catching sconces glowing along the corridor wall. 

Individual bedrooms are also more personalized with a hand-picked statement light fixture like a steampunk ceiling fan or a baroque filigreed flush light cover. Choosing the right statement light fixture for each room is about understanding your space, and subtly unifying each fixture in one or more style elements can bring the whole house together while each room remains unique.

4) Living Plants

Speaking of plants, 2022 décor has gone thoroughly green. Green paint, green energy practices, and greenery indoors. Potted plants are at the peak of popularity, from the tiniest succulent to the largest potted tree. Indoor plants can take the place of a candle or sculpture in the center of any decorated surface or tucked off to the corner under a cheerful grow light. Plants bring a gentle feeling of joy to see them growing and a dose of satisfaction when they are all watered and healthy.

Now is your chance to get creative with how and where you use plants for decoration. Look for plants with colorful veins on their leaves, entertaining blossoms, or perhaps a classic office plant that always looks the same, year-round.

5) Well-Organized Bookshelves

Did you know that a bookshelf can become artistic decoration in your home? It doesn't have to be an original masterpiece to make your home more beautiful, refined, and unified in design. Where a cluttered bookshelf can often look disorganized, a bookshelf arranged with aesthetics in mind can become a work of art all its own. 

Arrange books by size and color. Intersperse with matching baskets or cube storage. You can also use books to frame artistic sculpture pieces set into the center of shelves. Use shelf spacing and hidden recessed lights to turn any bookcase into a display shelf. This method is much like having a sculpture nook, but charmingly DIY and allows your art to become a part of the room's environment.

6) Artistic Floating Shelves

Floating shelves also have a great deal of artistic potential. Your shelves can form interesting patterns or geometric shapes, drawing artistic lines along your wall while also providing useful storage.

Many people use their sturdy floating shelves to create a cat-run – that cats can use to take to the highest destination and back again.  Without the cat, this looks like a slightly abstract stair-step design - very post-modern chic. Decorated with your favorite books, plants, lamps, and small sculpture displays (prioritized for cat safety), you can turn a creative floating shelf idea into a beautiful addition to your home decorations.

Especially for high-ceiling rooms where a ladder of floating shelves feels useful and beautiful at the same time.  

7) Vases that Are More than Vases

One of our favorite home artwork trends is vases that serve purposes other than holding a bouquet of flower. We love decorative vases that include one or more little fish living off the water-seeking roots of the plants above. There are vases that open into surprise dollhouses for child-friendly yet elegant decor, and large planters that hold hidden pet beds.

We love vases that are small water features, running water through a glass-covered surface for a living finish, and vases that double as soft diffuse-glowing lamps acting as elegant evening lighting and night-lights in the dark.

You might find an artistic vase that is also a puzzle, or an urn with a false bottom to hide valuables from thieves. Get creative with the possibilities of your decor and invite friends to bring you unique pieces when swapping gifts at showers, birthdays, and anniversaries.


8) Coffee Table Bowl Sculptures

Coffee table sculptures have taken on a life of their own - in part because they need to be safer than shelf sculptures or even side-table sculptures. After all, people put their feet on the coffee table. It is the hub of all remotes, it is the unofficial snack table, and even sometimes a favorite place to do homework. So, what kind of sculpture is safe amid all that?

Bowl sculptures, the unique beauties inside a heavy sculptural bowl. Sometimes it's a bowl of geodes. Sometimes it's a puzzle in the base of the bowl. You can also try out a neat illusion bowl.


There are so many interesting and beautiful ways to decorate your home, from hanging paintings to powered installations. If you are looking for a statement light fixture to complete the perfect artistic ambiance of your home, Urban Ambiance is here to bring your vision to reality. Contact us today to find artistic light fixtures.


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