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Victorian-Style Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

Victorian-Style Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

If you're looking for gorgeous high-end lighting, consider choosing Victorian-style luxury fixtures for one or more rooms of your home. The Victorian era, covering the mid to late 19th century, was well-known for its indulgence in ornamental designs. Matching this style with contemporary decor will create a distinctive look in your home that everyone will love.

Stylish Victorian-Inspired Lighting

Dining Room Lighting – To create a gorgeous focal point in your dining room, opt for a fabulous-looking chandelier with Victorian-style crystal strands and crystal pendants arranged in an elegant cascading design. The steel-glass construction of this type of lighting fixture with its gently bowing arms in a mirror-like polished silver finish will awe everyone who sees it. The lavishly-adorned, rounded crystal shade shimmers like a collection of rare diamonds lit by three bulbs which will highlight your dining room in a way that your guests will never forget. For a large dining room, hang two of these beautiful chandeliers for the best overall look.

Master Bathroom Lighting – To continue this Victorian-inspired look, you can select a smaller version of the above crystal chandelier for your master bathroom. Hanging this lighting fixture over a freestanding bathtub or even a built-in tub will add a lavish appearance to your bathroom as if you lived in the era of Queen Victoria herself. Such a chandelier looks especially excellent in bathrooms with other chrome or brushed nickel fixtures. While soaking in your tub, you'll love how the crystals sparkle and the polished silver finish shines from the two lights in this high-quality fixture.

For more information about Victorian-inspired lighting or other styles of lighting for your home, please contact us today. We are a decorative lighting company that sells only high-end, high-quality, luxury fixtures. We love giving back to our community, so each quarter we donate a portion of all our profits to charity.

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