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Using Art Deco Style in Lighting

Using Art Deco Style in Lighting

The Art Deco style came to light in the 1920's, starting in France and spreading across the world. It eventually reached the United States and was used in architecture and design throughout the states. The visual style of Art Deco incorporates many different styles that came before it, cubism being the main influence. Cubism used bold geometric lines and crazy colors to create a recognizable subject. Art Deco used those bold geometric lines and introduced a more modern spin, using glamour and luxury as encouragement. Instead of crazy colors, this style uses colors with extreme contrast like black, pink, white, silver, and chrome. The Chrysler building in New York is a great example of the Art Deco style, using bold geometrical triangles and rounded frames.

To no surprise, Art Deco has made it's way back into designs today, both interior and exterior. If you're wanting to add modern lighting that has a little bit of the old-timey feel, we have a beautiful selection of art deco styled lights, including chandeliers, pendants, ceiling, and outdoor lights. The Art Deco styled lights are meant to enhance the feeling of luxury and modernity in the ambiance of any room. Back when art Deco was a new style, lights were often made using glass and chrome. We've incorporated that idea in our Art Deco lights, using a combination of those two materials. Using bold black lines with different materials and colors, the chandeliers will take you right back to the 1920's. The awesome thing about Art Deco lights is that you can incorporate the 1920's most popular design into your home without it looking like you just walked into a French museum pre WWI. To spruce up your home with the modern Art Deco lighting, visit our website here and check out what else we have to offer, or contact us.

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