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Transitional Lighting for Homes with a Mixture of Design Styles

Transitional Lighting for Homes with a Mixture of Design Styles

When your home's interior style isn't quite modern, but it's not traditional either, it can sometimes become challenging to decide on what type of lighting will look best in your rooms. Transitional lighting in a style that will coordinate with various designs is the perfect choice for such homes.

Transitional Lighting for the Living Room

In the main room of your home, choose a large chandelier in a black burgundy finish for a fabulous look. A fixture with eight light bulbs, each in a brass candlestick-styled holder, will provide all the light you'll need. Select a style with a brass rod in the center that highlights the beauty of the chandelier. Instead of a geometric design or something with sharp lines, opt for a piece with multiple, graceful arms that curve down and connect to a flat, open base in a circular style. Such a chandelier will add elegance and charm to almost any living area.

Transitional Lighting for the Dining Room

Select another gorgeous chandelier for your dining room. A fixture designed with a bronze finish and antique brass accents along with natural wood will provide a distinctive look that everyone will love. Choose a stylish light with five chic-looking, bronze arms that scoop down from a center brass hanger and hold exposed bulbs in a candlestick design. Multiple bronze arms that hang from the bottom of the chandelier and form a bowl-shaped design provide a dramatic look that will awe your family and friends. A large, wooden sphere hovering in the interior and another smaller, wooden sphere hanging from a bottom brass accent piece completes the look.

Transitional Lighting for the Kitchen

In your kitchen, add two or three luxury pendants over your island. A fabulous, transitional design that will look lovely in any kitchen includes pendants with a polished nickel or brass finish with a round, glass shade. Inside each globe-like fixture, one bulb hangs downward, providing extra light in a sophisticated design. The clear glass shades won't obstruct your view as much as other styles of pendants do, so this particular design will keep your kitchen looking more open with a beautiful, seamless flow.

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