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The Subtle Romance of Tuscan or Mediterranean-Style Lighting

The Subtle Romance of Tuscan or Mediterranean-Style Lighting

The Subtle Romance of Tuscan or Mediterranean-Style Lighting


The Tuscany region of Italy is as achingly beautiful as any countryside can be. The landscape is enhanced by the area's unmatched artistic legacy as well as a world-renowned fine wine and food tradition. That the region's character continues to serve as design inspiration for home decorators comes as no surprise. The romance of a Mediterranean Sea environment can be easily incorporated into any room with Tuscan or Mediterranean-style lighting. It's the ideal way to show off your good taste. Urban Ambiance offers a great selection of high-end, quality light fixtures to get you started.

What Is Tuscan-Style Lighting?

The Old-World traditionalism of Tuscan-style lighting is appreciated for its ability to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in your home. With natural, sun-baked finishes often accompanied by scrolled ironwork, you will think you have been transported right to Italian shores. Gold accents are not uncommon and serve as a complement to textured, natural wood finishes. The lighting style is often paired with rustic colors and distressed materials giving the room a vintage appeal and a warm, central focus. Tuscany decor is a delightful combination of formal and informal elements and it doesn't get any better than that.

What Is Mediterranean Lighting?

Mediterranean decor borrows its inspiration not only from the sea but from the cross-cultural merging of several surrounding countries. Tea-stained frosted glass derived from Spanish styling blends easily with the carved details and rustic-gold metals of French influence. Vivid shades of green or blue in home interiors reflect a preference for Mediterranean Greece. This particular decor covers a wide array of interesting lighting styles. The cool candelabra chandeliers or French country pendants blend comfortably with more modern interiors. Of course, the amber glass shades and heavy, wrought-iron fixtures of its Tuscan roots remain a popular feature as well.

The Difference Between Tuscan And Mediterranean Styles

Mediterranean lighting offers a contemporary twist on the iconic Tuscan style. It is less traditional but still manages to maintain the European influence home decorators crave. While Tuscan styles are borrowed specifically from Italy, Mediterranean decor celebrates elements from other cultures including Spanish, Moroccan, and Greek.  Its more modern and colorful features have a transitional aspect fitting easily into a variety of design preferences. Tuscan lighting, though not dark, is favored by those who desire a vintage and more Old-World ambiance.

Which Lighting Style Is Best For My Home?

Choosing between the two similar yet different Mediterranean and Tuscan styles of lighting is a matter of personal taste. If you love a rustic, country feel and your home is filled with wood tones and simple, natural hues, Tuscan lighting might be for you. Mediterranean decor is ideal for those who want to include Old-World elements in contemporary designs and furnishings. Whether you prefer the bright blues of Greece or the sunny romance of Spain, Mediterranean decor's versatility is still sought after in today's modern homes. The addition of classic lighting fixtures creates the textural character your spaces deserve.

Types of Mediterranean And Tuscan- Style Lighting

Your home is like a canvas waiting for you, the artist, to add the drama and the light. Urban Ambiance offers a wide selection of Tuscan and Mediterranean lighting fixtures to satisfy your muse. From classic chandeliers to welcoming outdoor pole lights, finding the ideal type of Tuscan or Mediterranean lighting to match your style is easier than you might think. Here are a few options:

  • Wall Lights — Welcome friends and family home with the curvy elegance of a Tuscan-style, outdoor entrance wall light. Bring a touch of Italy right to your front door.
  • Chandeliers — Make a bold statement by adding a beautiful chandelier to your living room or foyer. Tuscan-style chandeliers bring a rustic appeal to any room with curled ironwork and candelabra-like detail. 
  • Post/Pier Lights — Illuminate your walkways and driveways with a glow reminiscent of old European streets. Coming home has never felt so welcoming and so good.
  • Pendant Lights — Provide soft or dazzling light where you need it with a classic Tuscan-style pendant light. It's a chic way to brighten dark corners or illuminate your favorite play or workspaces.

Urban Ambiance is your go-to destination for quality Tuscan and Mediterranean lighting. From bathroom wall lights to luxury ceiling fans, you are sure to find the perfect fixture to make the most of your decor.

Update Your Tuscan Home Decor With New Lighting

You don't have to spend a fortune to bring new life to your Tuscan home decor. You can start by swapping out the signature rust-toned drapes and rugs with more cheery hues. Neutralize the darker areas with light paint on trim, ceilings, and moldings. Best of all, you can take advantage of and bring focus to your home's classic, architectural details with strategically-placed lighting. Replacing the more complicated fixtures prominent in Tuscan design with the simpler, cleaner lines of modern Mediterranean styles is as smart as it is transforming.

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