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The Perfect House Plants for 10 Kitchen Design Styles

The Perfect House Plants for 10 Kitchen Design Styles

The Perfect House Plants for Different Kitchen Design Styles


A few blossoms can brighten a kitchen, but modern design has so much more to offer than a bouquet on the island or dining table. Living plants are a chic and sustainable way to make your kitchen a beautiful and uplifting place. Use houseplants for a splash of color, freshness, and to add living energy in your kitchen. 

There are so many options for house plants that it can be hard to know which ones will be the perfect living addition to your kitchen design. It all comes down to matching the aesthetic and personality of your kitchen. Every kitchen design has some house plants that will look best in pots and planters throughout your space.

Let's dive into our favorite pairings of houseplants and kitchen design styles.  


Minimalist Design: Try Broadleaf Houseplants

Minimalist design creates beautiful open spaces. Your walls stretch out to clean corners and your kitchen is designed on sleek necessity. Minimalist rooms are all clean lines and defined openness.

 The best plants for minimalism are elegant yet spacious broadleaf house plants like Elephant Ear, Jungle Drum, and the vivid Dieffenbachia. These are tall plants with shining green leaves that stretch out into your open spaces. 

Broadleaf plants add a splash of color and make a minimalist room feel more alive while maintaining that beautiful clutter-free design.


Farmhouse Style: Try Potted Cyclamen and Gloxinia

Cyclamen is a beautiful and circular plant with heart-shaped leaves and flowers. The leaves wreath a central cluster of flower stalks that create a lovely blossom that would look at home in any cottage kitchen. Cyclamen ranges through white, pink, orange, red, and vibrant lavender.

Gloxinia has a charming white trim on many of its brightly colored flowers, growing in a circular blossom that is perfect for the charm of a farmhouse-style kitchen. Gloxinia's colors range through white, pale pink, bright red, dark red, and dark purple.

Try potting either of these flowering plants in white painted terra cotta pots or distressed metal pots or buckets.   These little details are the perfect touch to a farmhouse kitchen.


Cacti for Rustic, Succulents for Modern Style

Cacti and succulents are extremely popular houseplants because they are eye-catching and need very little care. Cacti and succulents, though often grown together, accent different styles.  A cactus brings the countryside indoors while succulents give a mysterious air kind of like modern art.

Cacti planters are perfect for a rustic kitchen design. From country cottage to southwestern ranch kitchens, cacti bring the charm of the southwest indoors. A cactus can thrive in a sunny windowsill or under a light on the underside of your mounted cabinets.

Succulents come in wild shapes and different shades. Many have smooth, oddly shaped leaves. Some are artistic spirals—while some reach toward the sky with rounded spines. These plants look uniquely perfect in a modern-style room. The embrace of aesthetic strangeness and blended symmetry make succulents a curious and delightful live plant for a modern kitchen.


 Blue-Leafed Beauty in a Contemporary Kitchen

Not all house plants are green! Many have leaves with an incredible blue hue. Gray with blue undertones is a popular color combination in 2021 with bold gray and cool-neutral designs. If you want a houseplant that deepens your theme instead of a splash of contrast, try a deep green plant with blue-tinted leaves.

Your options range from deep azure-green to brilliant turquoise leaves for your kitchen greenery. Blue agave, blue whale, and blue sedum are a great place to start, but there are also many blue-leaf variants based on soil nutrients as well.


Industrial Design Herb Gardens

The best kitchen design for a trendy herb garden is industrial style. These plants look great and are edible too. Perfect décor to add to a kitchen.

Build yourself a small herb planter out of reclaimed planks or hang your herbs in can-planters from hooks above the sink. Take the traditional herb garden design and get creative with where, how, and in-what you can mount your herbs at the most convenient location. 

You could rig up grow lights under the upper cabinet edge or make use of your kitchen window for sunshine. 


 Elegant Sculptural Flowers

Some flowers already look like sculptures. Orchids, Amaryllis, Lilies and Christmas Cactus are among those that form long and angled stalks with vibrant blossoms expanding elegantly from the ends. Each flower offers its own aesthetic, range of colors, and care requirements. But if you're debating potted plants or sculptures for your perfectly stylish kitchen design, why not both? Choose a living flower that grows into its own sculptural work of art.


Snake Plants in Coastal Kitchen Design

Coastal-style kitchens are popular even if there isn’t a beach nearby. A coastal kitchen features warm natural hues accented with aquatic blue tones often seen in the wall paint and tiles. The perfect splash of living greenery in a coastal or aquatic kitchen is the snake plant.

Snake plants can grow in round planters or in beautiful grass-like lines. Their blade-like leaves reach up in a wriggling stretch toward the sky and they look remarkably like surface seaweed. A planter of snake plants along your countertop or island would be a delightful way to bring that ocean feel into your kitchen with living plant life.


Sun-Drenched Style Citrus Trees

You can even grow small and bonsaied trees in your kitchen with the right place to put them. Dwarf citrus trees are among the best additions to your kitchen design. Their tall woody stalks and rich green leaves look beautiful as a table or island centerpiece or standing alone making a corner beautiful. When the citrus trees blossom, they fill the room with citrus scent and some even fruit while growing indoors.

The one thing citrus trees need is lots of sun. They combine best with kitchens designed to soak up the sun. A citrus plant can be the perfect addition to a yellow, orange, or green kitchen with warm sunny design features.


Rustic Charm of the Fiddle-Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig is a miniature tree-shrub that grows oval leaves in a vertical spray. You can keep your fiddle-leaf fig small in a smaller pot or let it grow tall enough to become an indoor tree. While a fiddle leaf fig looks at home in most designs, it accents the rustic kitchen best by adding a burst of familiar greenery among the warm wood tones and country-style fixtures.


Live plants in your kitchen smell wonderful, create oxygen and keep your kitchen at the cutting-edge of sustainable style across interior designs.  Water them from your kitchen sink and make sure your plants are getting enough sun or UV rays. You can even hook up an automated plant-care system embedded in your kitchen design. Use lights and a drip line if you're not a natural gardener. Upgrading from a vase of flowers to living plants is a beautiful and long-term way to improve your kitchen. Tending them can become a daily mood lift in your morning routine. Contact us today to further explore ways to improve your kitchen for both beauty and function.

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