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The Elegent Impact of Tudor Lighting

The Elegent Impact of Tudor Lighting

If you're a fan of romantic movies, traditional children's fairy tales, or classic English and early American literature, Tudor style architecture and decor likely epitomize the style you associated with these romanticized, fantastic lifestyles.

History of the Tudor Style

While the term "Tudor" refers to the famed English monarchy of the 16th century, the word as it applies to American home design more closely references the Tudor Revival style of US homes in the 19th and 20th centuries. These houses were designed to pay homage to medieval English architecture by incorporating all the details that made these cottages and early mansions beautiful - hence how a specific architecture style came to be associated with a "storybook" life.

Elements of Tudor Design

Many of the iconic Tudor designs elements are incorporated into the architecture and exterior of the structure itself, such as the half-timbered upper exterior or the series of steep, gabled roofs that create an effect similar to a gingerbread house. This design style typically also includes architectural details in outdoor landscaping such as well-manicured hedges and shrubbery. As Tudor homes in the 19th and 20th century were often associated with a certain level of affluence, construction materials were selected with the intent of both looking grand and lasting a lifetime. A combination of brick, stucco, and decorative timbering is common on Tudor exteriors for this very reason. Outdoor lighting is incorporated into this aesthetic through the use of elegant finishings such as brushed metal or brass, and detailed craftsmanship in the lighting metalwork. Post lights also work well with the theme of historical sophistication that is so reflective of Tudor design. Urban Ambiance's Zurich and Vienna outdoor collections do an excellent job representing this style of exterior lighting.

Want to learn more about incorporating lighting design into a Tudor aesthetic? Contact Urban Ambiance today!

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