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Rattan- What's Old Is New

Rattan- What's Old Is New

Rattan- What's Old Is New


Interior design elements and trends come and go. A trend that is making a significant resurgence after 20 to 30 years is rattan furniture. This comeback started towards the tail end of 2018 and was seen in more homeware in early 2019. In retrospect, this trend must have been influenced by the use of more natural materials, including cotton, bamboo, and leather, in contemporary interior design.

Notably, rattan is a natural material derived from climbing vine-line palm plants. The material, known for its durability, can be bent or woven into a variety of shapes and patterns, which can make an unlimited assortment of styled furniture and lighting fixtures. The resulting pieces can be used in coastal, boho, and traditional décor, all of which give the room a contemporary look.

How to Incorporate Rattan into Your Existing Décor

Rattan or cane furniture is an exciting twist into any décor. It adds incredible texture to any room, especially since its versatility can fit into a range of styles. Rattan furniture is no longer just for patio furniture but can be used as home accents.

The natural texture of rattan décor pieces makes them increasingly easy to incorporate into the existing décor. For instance, you can include a woven peacock piece at the end of a bed or your couch for that natural element.

Overall, you want to reinforce the natural beauty of rattan pieces with plants, flowers, or botanical prints. Additionally, you can include wood pieces or décor pieces made of wood. Altogether, this gives the space an eclectic feel which should tie in the room.

In the event that your space is predominantly mid-century, you want to switch your basic light fixtures with rattan versions which create somewhat of a focal point within the room. You can incorporate rattan pendants throughout, which could be sculptured into the shapes that you desire. For instance, you can create a hole in the bottom of old woven baskets or bowls and use this as the light fixtures within the different rooms.

Repairing an Old Piece to Shine Like New

Rattan's outer bark is the material used in most of the rattan furniture we have. These will often have a multidirectional open-weave pattern that gives the pieces made of this material a light, almost airy appearance. Keeping these from looking shabby can be tasking, especially since they require more significant upkeep.

To repair an old piece to shine like new, you will need to scrub in the crevices with a soft brush and a vacuum with a brush attachment. Additionally, it would help if you had a solution with soap in it and tepid water for the wash-up. Part of cleaning the piece is gently wiping it with a cloth that is not too wet and, as such, does not interfere with the integrity of the furniture piece. You can use a toothbrush to get in-between the different apertures. It would help if you then let the piece thoroughly dry off before you embark on any further restoration works.

Part of repairing an old piece of rattan to shine like new is replacing worn-out bits or components that might be missing. You will have to cut the old strand out of the back of the cane. You then need to measure a generous length of new cane material to fill the gap you just created. The new rattan material will then need to be soaked in water for 30 minutes to soften it to ensure it can easily be manipulated during weaving. After that, you will require to dry off any excess water then weave the new material through the damaged sections. A pliers will most often come in handy if you are to pull the rotten bits through the damaged areas. After all the broken units are repaired, you can glue down the ends.

To paint rattan pieces for that newer finish, you will need to remove any loose fragments of old paint. After that, you need to sand down the piece gently to create an abrasive surface onto which the new paint will attach. You then need to brush with a soft brush or vacuum to remove any dust on the surface, making sure that the piece is dehydrated and devoid of any foreign particles. A thin layer or two of your desired paint should follow, ensuring the old rattan piece is as new as possible.

Layering Natural Elements in Your Design

Notably, rattan furniture and décor pieces feature unique textures that are predominantly natural tones. Their natural-derived material makes it easy to incorporate the elements into a shabby-chic or boho-style space. They have the ability to bring in warmth and a casual feel to any space making the space have a relatively easygoing air.

Rattan is not only flexible but also incredibly versatile and beautiful. The 100% natural synthetic material is super-comfy and works incredibly for individuals looking to add a natural feel to their décor. The vegetable-tanned nature of the material makes it a unique material to work with, especially as it pertains to lighting.

If you intend on layering natural elements, consider rattan-weaved pieces as part of creating a striking contrast with velvet pieces, for instance. This creates a visual contrast that brings your décor to a tactile level. In an attempt to hark back to the seventies, incorporate rattan-style lighting fixtures close to contemporary headboards and shelving units to create a sleek balance between sleek lines and a rustic vibe.

The beauty of rattan-style pieces is that you can mix and match them with other textures and decorations. For instance, you can incorporate rattan pieces within conservatory spaces that give it a lounging feel. The craftsmanship combined into the cane pieces can be interesting conversational pieces creating tremendous enthusiasm in how you have styled your spaces. You can incorporate more rigid lines within the space for that exquisite contrast making the space feel luxurious instead of old-fashioned.

Rattan is making a comeback because of the craftsmanship involved in its making and the inclination towards more natural material in everyday décor. Fortunately, you have the choice between classic designs and more contemporary rattan pieces that make a space have a somewhat rustic feel. At Urban Ambiance, we take into account the resurgence of rattan during the creation of our more contemporary pieces. Visit our website today and explore the different rattan designs we have in stock.  Or contact us today.

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