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Our Best Practices for Styling Your Home for Fall


Best Practices for Styling Your Home for Fall

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and an exciting one when it comes to home décor. Whether you're a big fan of the autumn color palette or you love to decorate with gourds, early autumn is a seasonal decorator's delight. There are so many ways to spruce up your home with fall-themed decorations, but it's also easy to go overboard with bright tones and details in every corner.

How can you achieve the perfect balance of fall decoration? Following a few best practices in styling your home for fall can help turn your home into a warm and welcoming autumn retreat. With the right fall décor, you can welcome friends and family into a delightful space where lively conversation and warm mugs of cider abound.

Getting Started in Early Fall

While most people focus their fall décor around Halloween, early autumn is a great time to focus on warm and welcoming fall home styles. Early autumn is when the leaves have just begun to change into their most brilliant colors, when gourds overflow from the grocery store, and when your summer golds begin to transform perfectly into the fiery hues of fall.

Early fall is a great time to get started on your autumn home décor, building a foundation of style that will smoothly transition summer décor into the holiday season. Now is the perfect time to begin adding shades of red and orange to your bright and cheerful summer style, replacing your wildflower accents with the colors of sunset and autumn leaves.

The Best Places to Decorate for Fall

When adding fall décor to your home, think about the best places to put charming displays and details. Small tables, sidebars, and shelves are often were we see the most eye-catching and delightful pieces of autumn décor, as filling the corners with bounty is a subtle theme of the season.

The foyer is a great place for seasonal décor, as it often benefits from a little extra personality. Come home to warm autumn style and greet your guests with a decorative display. Little piles of golden gourds, baskets of fruit, and vases of dried-flower arrangements are all classic elements of fall decoration. Each table should support one fall-themed centerpiece without overpowering the space. Long tables might have two displays, one on each end, or three with a centerpiece in the middle of a vibrant runner cloth

..."Early fall is a great time to get started on your autumn home décor, building a foundation of style that will smoothly transition summer décor into the holiday season. Now is the perfect time to begin adding shades of red and orange to your bright and cheerful summer style, replacing your wildflower accents with the colors of sunset and autumn leaves."

Set a Welcoming Table for Meals and Projects

One of the best ways to decorate your home for fall is in the dining room. As we approach the holiday season, family gatherings are soon to take place and the dining room sees more use than any other time of year. Now is the perfect time to make the space feel warmer with welcoming autumn-themed decorations.

Consider adding a tablecloth in warm, gentle hues and a table runner that provides a brilliant contrast while centering focus along the table's length. Add a low-set natural centerpiece like carved wooden sculptures, a bowl of gourds, or a small dried flower arrangement that makes the table feel more approachable rather than elegantly formal.

If you plan to host meals, prepare beautiful place settings with woven mats at each seat. If the dining room is an activity hub in your home, consider setting up an autumn crafts station at one end where you and family members can make cute decorations throughout the season with activities like weaving, crochet, or embroidery.

Keeping It Classy with Autumn Decorations

One of the special challenges of fall home decoration is a classy look. There are so many autumn décor options to choose from that it's easy to get overwhelmed and wind up with a cluttered look. Your goal is for your home to look elegantly decorated while exuding a feeling of warmth and welcome.

To this end, keep each seasonal display simple. Choose one or two elements and materials to combine and double-check your focus to make sure each surface only has one or two pieces of seasonal décor.

Choose simple materials and match them throughout the house so that each display matches the next and appears to be a unified design. It can help to buy your décor in large sets so that you can place matching jars, baskets, or arrangements in each room. This will create a more refined and comprehensive autumn design.

Using Lighting to Enhance Your Fall Decorations

A wonderful way to enhance your autumn decorations is with lighting in your home. Small candles and lanterns are classic, but you can also use your light fixtures. For example, you might change out your sconce lamps or change the shades for warm woven covers, instead. You might ensure that pools of light cast by lamps or pendant lights fall upon beautiful arrangements.

Choose warm light bulbs (casting yellow instead of blue-white light) to ensure a warmer ambiance in your home. If you have chandeliers that cast a particular pattern of light, accentuate that pattern in how you choose to decorate. Warm light can enhance your autumn décor and inspire that special fall feeling in both residents and guests as they enjoy your decorated rooms.

Keeping Your Seasonal Décor Consistent with Your Home's Style

Lastly, you may be wondering how to keep your seasonal decorations consistent with your existing home style. Consider how you have decorated already and try to match certain elements to maintain a unified design.

Choose decorative pieces with similar materials and finishes that already exist in your home. If you choose fabric pieces, try to match elements of your furniture's upholstery or your window drapes. Autumn décor can gently contrast your existing décor or you can choose decorative pieces that smoothly update your style with each seasonal change.

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