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Lighting Tips for 3 Urban Styles You Love

Lighting Tips for 3 Urban Styles You Love

What image pops into your head when you think of urban decor? Whether it's a sleek, modern condo, a rustic loft, or an inviting townhouse, lighting can be a make or break factor in the style you're going for. Don't settle for the same generic fixtures you see everywhere. Find something unique that will help set the mood for your desired look. Here are some lighting ideas that will make these trendy, city styles pop.

The Rustic Loft

When envisioning this style, think exposed brick, open spaces, and that downtown feel. There are many approaches you could take when choosing the fixtures for this classic look, but let's focus on the high ceilings that are often featured in loft apartments. They create a vast amount of space with endless decorating potential. This is great chance to light up the room with a statement piece. A chandelier with Edison bulbs is fabulous way to fill the negative space. It will bring a vintage flair, but still be a chic accent in your living area or kitchen. 

The Modern Condo

The modern look is much more polished than that of the rustic; achieved with a subtle, minimalist cadence. Grays, whites, and dark blues are commonly used color schemes in the modernist atmosphere. Choose fixtures with a silver and clear glass finish to maintain a fresh, elegant appearance. If you want something more eye catching, try an embellished sphere pendant. This gives you more wow factor without clashing with the rest of the design. 

The Inviting Townhouse

 A timeless and cozy feeling, this style will never get old. Crown molding, hardwood floors, and a warm ambiance come to mind. For this genre of design, we'll focus on an area that is most likely unique this type of space. Unlike the first two, the townhouse likely has a stoop. It'll be the first thing guests see, and you'll want to make a good impression. A colonial lantern wall piece with opaque glass lights up the area, without being overbearing. You may also consider using a pendant light to deliver a touch of luxury. 

Whatever your style, you'll want the perfect light to adorn your home. Don't sacrifice quality for uniqueness. Contact us for information on the most fashionable light fixtures on the market. 

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