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Chandeliers vs Ceiling Lights

Chandeliers vs Ceiling Lights

In years past, indoor overhead lights, like chandeliers and ceiling lights, were typically considered a utilitarian fixture. Most rooms did have them but they consisted mainly of a round fixture, housing one or two standard light bulbs. The lighting delivered by these fixtures was frequently harsh and inadequate. 

The 21st Century

However, a lot has happened with indoor ceiling lights and chandeliers in the past few years. There are so many more beautiful style options available and dozens of sizes and shapes to choose from. Overall, it is now recognized that indoor ceiling lights and chandeliers have a lot to offer any room with regard to adding unique style, while still providing light that is actually useful.

Size Selection Tips

When selecting indoor ceiling lights or chandeliers for an area, the first aspect to consider is the size of the room. A very large room, is best suited for a chandelier as opposed to a ceiling light which tends to fade into the background style-wise, and will not provide adequate lighting for the room either. Choose a chandelier that has a balanced fit in the space. Keep in mind, the bigger the space, the bigger the chandelier.

For a medium-sized or a smaller room, homeowners have a couple of different options. If they want to make a bold statement with their ceiling light or chandelier, they can push the style envelope and use their fixture to introduce new style into the room. Many chandeliers come in smaller sizes and can give you the style you want, while being proportional to the space. 

Choosing a Style

Now that you've determined the size of fixture you need and whether or not a chandelier or ceiling fixture makes the most sense, you now need to decide the style you want to incorporate into your space. Look around the room at the architecture of the space, the materials used to construct it, and most importantly the decor you've selected for the room. Is there a common theme or are do you have variation in style. If everything in the space is on a more common theme, consider selecting a fixture that is in a similar style family, but adds new style elements. This will make your fixture more of a focal point in the room. On the other hand, if your space has a mix of styles, consider a choosing a fixture that blends those styles together. At Urban Ambiance, we offer a variety of styles that incorporate multiple styles into one fixture. By choosing a fixture that blends the styles in the space, it will once again, make your fixture a focal point. 

Other Options

Perhaps, you've decided neither a chandelier or ceiling light is the direction you want to go. Consider installing track lighting asanother way to add lighting that can either brighten up an entire room or highlight a specific area. In a small area such as a bathroom, track lighting can offer a contemporary look while still providing sufficient light, and in larger rooms, track lighting can either highlight a specific area of the room or it can add an amazing look to industrial and other types of decor.

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