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How to Incorporate Glam Chandeliers Into Your Space

How to Incorporate Glam Chandeliers Into Your Space

How to Incorporate Glam Chandeliers Into Your Space


Chandeliers take something normally ignored - the light fixture - and turn it into a statement piece. Instead of demurely providing illumination from the ceiling, a chandelier glamorously lights up the room. Instead of giving way to airspace, chandeliers become a centerpiece for attention.  The different between a distraction and an illuminating piece of artwork is how well the chandelier is incorporated into the space. You want your chandelier to light up your entire design, not draw from it. Fortunately, a few clever tricks can help anyone create the right space for a glam chandelier.


Plan a Room Around the Chandelier

Choose the chandelier and interior design together. Prepare to plan the room around the chandelier you want to hang, or to adapt your chandelier choice to the room you want to decorate. Because the two should match and enhance each other, they should be chosen and then refined together.


Rethink Chandelier Design

Many people have one or two ideas of what a chandelier "is". In truth, a chandelier is any decorative hanging fixture featuring multiple branches with bulbs. A chandelier can have hanging crystals, but it doesn't have to. It can have curling vine-like branches or candle-like lamps, but they don't have to. Your chandelier can have a unique, personal, recycled, or even abstract design and still be a chandelier. 

So when finding the perfect chandelier for your space, think outside the box and explore designs that will uniquely compliment your style and space.


Match the Room's Color Palette

The best way to incorporate your chandelier into the space is to match the colors. Choose a chandelier that complements the style that you already enjoy and brings out your accent colors in brilliance. Choose metal hues that flatter your natural decor or powder coated colors that highlight the room's existing palette. Bring out your accent colors and enhance the existing style.


Echo the Chandelier Design in Other Decor

Another great option is to build your room's decor to echo the chandelier design. If you have a lantern design, use similar lanterns or lamp shades throughout the room. If you use globes in the chandelier, use spheres in the room decor. If your chandelier is a distinct metal alloy, use these metals in your picture frames, sculptures, and furniture trim.


Seated or Standing Height Chandeliers

When considering the length of your chandelier and how far from the ceiling to hang it, also consider how you will use the space. A chandelier over the dinner table can be lower than one in your entryway. Consider how people will move through the space and whether the chandelier will be in the way or a lovely use of the overhead.


Surprise Chandelier Locations

Of course, you don't have to stick to traditional chandelier locations. Chandeliers are at their best when they are surprisingly beautiful. So find a surprise place for a chandelier that is somehow perfectly designed to suit the space. A guest bathroom, a once-gloomy stairwell, or even a finished basement can be the perfect places for a chandelier.


Smart Bulbs for a Versatile Chandelier

Last but not least, make your chandelier smart. Install smart bulbs in each of the sockets connected to the same network and app. With these controls, your chandelier can dim or brighten, and even change colors to suit the mood of any gathering. The chandelier can adapt to new decor, temporary decor, and even change the color and ambiance of the entire room on command.


Are you looking for the perfect chandelier for your space, or to make your space perfect for an already-chosen chandelier? We can help. Contact us today to explore your many chandelier options.

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