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How to Grow and Enjoy Your Home Garden

How to Grow and Enjoy Your Home Garden

How to Grow and Enjoy Your Home Garden


Have you ever taken a deep breath in your garden and got a lungful of delicious plant smell? That rich scent of green leaves, cut grass, and living plants is part of what makes the garden so romantic. 

We never lose that love of green things, and you can indulge that delight at home, too. Your backyard is a world of possibilities for destressing with fun gardening activities, from relaxing in a hammock to planting a fun personal collection of new things in your flowerbeds.


Start an Herb Garden Planter

Cooking herbs are fragrant, pretty, and surprisingly easy to grow. Not to mention, you can cook with them. Kids love growing things they'll actually use and there's nothing more rewarding than picking a fresh sprig of self-grown rosemary for your next dinner. An herb planter can hold several varieties of herb and you don't even need a yard or garden.

Herb planters are a wonderful way to get your kids started with gardening.  Herbs tend to grow fast and you can choose a selection of herbs that your family personally loves in home recipes.


Plant a Row of Local Flowers

It's wonderful to feel the little roots in your fingers and then re-bury them in the moist dirt. If your home has an unused flowerbed (so many do) then repurpose a row for a few local survivable flowers. Bring a tray of 4-12 live flowers home and plant a row to see them grow.

You can start with seeds of flowers you know grow well in the local climate. Look up the care instructions together and make sure to provide just the right amount of water, then watch the fascinating growing process over the next two weeks.


Lay a Flower Bed or Garden Plot

Don't have a flower bed ready to plant? No problem. Grab some shovels and get your kids enthusiastic about digging in the yard for a few days. This is a great opportunity to play in the dirt and let your kids make a few decisions about where to plant. Use bricks to line your new flowerbeds or define the perimeter of your new vegetable garden plot.

Dig down about two feet so that you can turn the soil. Place a weed liner and bury bricks around the edge to fully define your space, then replace the soil loosened and ready to receive new plant seeds or roots.


Start a Compost Pile

Composting reveals the circle of life. Start collecting fruit rinds and vegetable cuttings along with a few sticks, dry leaves, and cut grass. Mix it with the right balance of green and brown and watch how rot transforms into dirt. 

Any home can start a compost pile or a small compost bucket. Up your game by bringing home a bucket of worms and showing your kids how to turn your compost into live compost where worms help turn the produce back into dirt just like they're supposed to. Not to mention, you have a whole bucket of new pets.


Practice Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are delicious, colorful, and surprisingly easy to grow. For people who want to grow food, it's often fun to start with strawberries. If you live in the right climate, you can grow strawberries in the yard but many families grow strawberries in planters in the house. This makes strawberries uniquely suited to apartments, condos, and townhomes that may have limited gardening space.

You will love watching the berries grow and waiting until they're the perfect shade of red for a well-deserved delicious snack.


Grow Familiar Vegetables

There are many types of vegetables and produce you can grow, but the best for kids are the vegetables they recognize and like to eat. If your kids eat salad, grow lettuce or spinach. Tomatoes and potatoes are both great for first-time gardens and are delightfully edible when the veggies are ripe. If your kids eat them, grow carrots, snow peas, and a few pumpkins. Sunflowers are also beautiful, edible, a big hit with kids, and surprisingly easy to grow.


Paint Birdhouses and Bird Feeders

Some people love to be outside to watch the wild life. The birds that come to your yard delight them as much or more than the greenery. This leads to one of the most popular garden projects: Painting birdhouses. You will want to go outside to check your birdhouse or if birds are eating your their feeder. You can hang the houses or feeders in view of the back door or your yard-facing bedroom window for indoor delight as well.

Get the whole family together with a few wood frames and acrylic paint for a truly personalized garden experience.


Make Wildflower Bombs

Wildflower bombs each have dozens of wildflower seeds pressed into nutrient-rich balls and dried. They can be molded into fun shapes but the most important thing is that when you throw a wildflower bomb into a field, it will be full of flowers in a few weeks. These bombs are a great way to take your gardening enthusiasm out into the world and to make your local area a brighter place. They're also a fun indoor craft to do on a rainy day when the garden is too muddy to play.


Grow Delicious Berry Bushes

Last but not least, you can create long-term rewards in your garden with berry bushes. Berry bushes are best planted along fence lines because they grow and grow and grow. Kids love backyard berry bushes and they will be especially pleased because those berries are their very own, grown from sprouts. You can find young berry bushes sold with exposed roots that can be transplanted into your home flower beds. In only a few days, the first new leaves will grow and in the right time of year, soon your yard will be rife with ripe berries.-


Gardening can be an essential part of human wellbeing. Make the most of your yard and garden by taking over the space or unwinding surrounded by the beauty of nature. You can increase your personal wellness both mentally and physically by spending more time outdoors. Embrace the freedom of having your own back garden by making it your own. Plant the things you want to be surrounded by, making a beautiful, fragrant, and private leafy space. Hang swings and hammocks for relaxation and create a safe play area on the lawn with balls, soccer goals, or a jungle gym.

No matter what you choose to do in your garden, find a few reasons each week to spend time there. For more wonderful ways to enjoy your home and garden, contact us today!

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