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Gray is the New Black - Living Room Trends in 2019

Gray is the New Black - Living Room Trends in 2019

For those that follow the newer design trends, they've probably noticed how the color gray is showing up more and more in home decors. When paired with plenty of white, along with a few darker accents, the beautiful grays found in flooring, fireplace accents, and wall colors provide a palette that is fresh, as well as warm and inviting. There is a reason why gray is becoming the premiere color for 2019 and it has much to do with its tremendous versatility.

An Accent for Every Color 

One of the reasons why gray is becoming so popular is that it is incredibly versatile. It can be a classic blend of black and white neutrals, or it can also have undertones of virtually every color available. Gray gently warms up an otherwise stark white palette -- unlike other darker colors that would simply provide stark contrast. And gray literally goes with anycolor. There are grays with blue undertones, pink, violet, beige, and more. With such flexibility, it's no wonder that gray is showing up in just about every type of décor style including contemporary, industrial, glam styles, and many others.

Living Room Lighting Options

Generally, there are two avenues of thought when it comes to selecting the right lighting fixtures for a living room that incorporates gray into its overall color palette. One thought is to have an overall neutral palette in the living room, then add a punch of color with dramatic lighting fixtures. Others prefer the serenity offered by an overall softer look, instead choosing light fixtures that beautifully blend into a living room's color scheme.

Those with an industrial décor have a plethora of options available including gorgeous ceiling lights, pendant lights to highlight a reading chair or nook, or wall sconces that add soft light during the evening. Glam style and shabby chic lovers will love the look a small chandelier provides when paired with a warm gray palette. For those that want to add a punch of color to their living room's décor, they may want to add some boldly-colored pendant lights over the bar area, or equally bold wall sconces.

Want to know more about adding light fixtures that will highlight your living room's beautiful gray features? Contact us!

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