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Bringing New York City into Your Home

Bringing New York City into Your Home

No matter where you are in the world, when you think of urban style one city reigns supreme: New York City. Paris may be the City of Lights, but the City That Never Sleeps isn't staying awake in the dark.

Cities, like people, are bursting with personality. Choose what kind of vibe you're looking to capture in each room of your home, and Urban Ambiance can bring your vision to life in a socially conscious way.

Upper East Side Inspired

This side of town is all about decadence and taste; think of the silver plated fixtures and clean, sharp lines of the Plaza Hotel. If you take a walk down Fifth Avenue, you'll find yourself wanting to move in to every window display you see. A crystal chandelier hanging above a pristine white kitchen will make you feel like you're having breakfast at Tiffany's every day.

Charlotte Collection Chandelier

Lyon Collection Chandelier

Murano Collection Bathroom Vanity Light

Brooklyn Inspired

If you're looking for something more laid back and trendy, an industrial design may be a perfect fit. The mix of modern and classic can make any room timeless and worthy of photographing. Consider exposed bulbs and dark metals to achieve this look. We've come a long way since Edison's original light bulb, but the old fashioned style next to exposed brick can create an element of coziness and sophistication that was missing before. 

Liverpool Collection Wall Light

Dallas Collection Bathroom Light

Tangier Collection Chandelier

Financial District Inspired

The Financial District of Manhattan is home to Wall Street and the famous Raging Bull statue. The hustle and bustle culture of this area of the city can be brought to life with intricate lines and bronze colors that will have you feeling productive and powerful.

Napa Collection Vanity Light

Sonoma Collection Chandelier

Montevideo Collection Wall Light

Greenwich Village Inspired

An interesting mix of colorful charm and classic New York, this style is perfect for those who are a little bit of everything. Old Irish pubs line the streets next to flashy advertisements and vintage architecture, giving this area a forever young energy. To emulate this style, try bright colors and funky patterns.

Brisbane Collection Pendant

Casablanca Collection Outdoor Wall Light

Rome Collection Ceiling Light

For more ideas on bringing unique urban style into your home, contact us.

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