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2019's Trendiest Curb Appeal Tips

2019's Trendiest Curb Appeal Tips

Each spring, homeowners get the urge to give their homes a big spruce to help shake off the winter blues. Spring cleaning is important inside the home, but the outside of your home deserves some love too. This year, focus on your home's curb appeal with these hot trends.

Front Door Focus

The front entrance is turning into the focal point it should have been a long time ago. Replace your front door with a more modern glass style, allowing for light to shine outward and inviting people in. The red door trend is on its way out and homeowners are opting for either dark wood tones or a modern black look. Add some greenery with a boxwood wreath and some vintage planters and your front door will be drawing the attention it deserves.

Large Address Numbers

Showing off your home's address numbers is a big design trend this year. Modern fonts in a stand-out color help draw the eye right away and give something interesting to contrast with the front of your home.

Simple Landscaping

Cut back on your landscaping this summer to highlight the best part of your home: your house itself! Too many plants, shrubs, and trees hide your home's beauty and can be time-consuming to tend to. Many homeowners are opting for easy-to-care-for annuals that are pleasing to the eye but don't overdo it. Keep your mulch a neutral color, either a natural or dark tone, to make your plants pop and avoid contrasting with the color of your home.

Update your Lighting

Your lighting is the biggest contributor to your home's outdoor atmosphere. Invest in some updated light fixtures, like some traditional wall sconces around your garage door or maybe add a post light along your front walkway to illuminate your path.  Your front porch should be well lit too, perhaps with a modern pendant light, if space allows. Your lighting possibilities are endless and add so much value to the look of your home.

Don't forget about the outdoor aspects of your home this summer when you begin tackling this year's projects. Make 2019 all about your curb appeal! Contact us today to start transforming your home's outdoor lighting.

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