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Mid-Century Modern Lighting

Mid Century Modern Style

Mid Century Modern Style


The mid 20th century was the era that generated a substantial amount of iconic designs in modern structure. It is characterized by descent layers, minimalist silhouettes, and natural patterns. The mid-century modernist influencers identified artistic aspects to use new materials like aluminum, molded plastic and plywood in industrial design.

Though the phrase mid-century modern was not originated until the mid-’80s, and though no one actually understands its factual history, it exhibits a hybrid of different eras. For instance, the practicality of post-World War II, sanguinity of the 50's era, earthiness of the 60's era, and color palette of the 70's era. The magnificence is neatly wrapped up from different periods of time in an artistic ode to Scandinavian charm.

The impression is simple yet fresh, retro-tinged, poppy, and truly alluring with its commitment to solace and functionality disguised in an elegant design that never fades away. Unlike other aesthetic activities, mid-century modern design is simplified in style, as the architecture follows practicality while accentuating the elements used, instead of maximizing the glamour.

At Urban Ambiance, different assortments of chandeliers, lamps, and lightings are available with a true depiction of mid-century modern style. Home decor experience with such inspirational designs will leave you feeling authentically fascinated.