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Metropolitan Lighting

Metropolitan Style

Metropolitan Lighting


The Metropolitan architecture is a combination of urban, chic, and contemporary which gives a unique artistic style with all the homespun amenities. This blend creates a quaint look that is highly popular for easy-going and straight forward structures. Modern comfortable furniture, monochromatic color scheme, and designed panel walls generate a look which can be considered as a "classic" for the future.

Metropolitan Architecture depicts the modernism of city life where there are constantly fresh and inventive aspects up for discovery. It showcases the hustle-bustle of urbanism in true essence. While the interior refers to the ultimate relaxation zone with all the modern equipment and accessories.

The remarkable style is clarified and never usual. Minimal and tenuous tones marry with warm hues to produce a spectacular scenery with a refined impact, appropriate for an impressive interior. Spaces and volumes are adorned with a mosaic styling which involves different textures of fabric and leather.

Metropolitan style is composed of trendy elements with the latest designs for those who want to maintain an aesthetic urban rhythm. It is inspired by sleek modern interior design blending a flair for a non-cluttered formal decor. Basically, this design reminisces the soul of a simple and candid style.