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Mediterranean Lighting

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Style


Mediterranean architecture originated in the 1920s which depicts the style of Mediterranean villas. This extraordinary period—the Roaring Twenties—economy was booming and people made great wealth and spent handsomely upon leisure, resulting in the surge of seaside lodges in America.

A combination of Spanish and Italian architecture, Mediterranean cottages are popular in warm-weather regions like Florida and California, which are also dominant with Spanish influences. Inspired by the simple art of romance and delicacy of Southern European countries, it got widely popular in the United States. Prominent architects who took the initiative of such aesthetics were Addison Mizner, who boosted this home style in Florida, along with Sumner Spaulding, Bertram Goodhue, and Paul Williams in California.

Inspired by different eras of art, the Mediterranean style comes from the renaissance and revival movement of Italy, Spain, Greece, and Morocco. The architecture is marked by indoor-outdoor living, wide columns, low-pitch roofs, rounded arches, and spacious living rooms. The style graciously involves warm and light tones with extensive use of natural materials.

The classic elegance and the alluring beauty of the Mediterranean house cannot be achieved through different design solutions. This style is so trendy and fashionable nowadays that it is successful throughout the globe.