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Industrial Chic Lighting

Industrial Chic Style

Industrial Chic


Industrial chic - or urban industrial as it’s occasionally called - combines utilitarian art with shabby textures and the tenderness of raw, natural woods. This inclination to the industrial revolution is entirely about blending raw materials (protracted glass, reclaimed furnishings, and galvanized metal) while maintaining the structures and silhouettes. Industrial chic is an expression of no-nonsense overdo that brings about the use of vintage and retrieved elements. It is often supported by enthusiasts of “green” design. It has various aspects that are familiar with the contemporary farmhouse style but is considerably edgier.

Derived from old facilities and industrial factories, today’s industrial-style interiors have evolved into chic and attractive, whether or not they exist in actual industrial capacity. Warm, robust, and desirable, industrial-chic is an aesthetic decoration that keeps receiving more popularity. While it was assumed that industrial-chic is a design for converted lofts and warehouses, it is now being observed in all sorts of the architecture of both urban and rural.

Open space structure with visible elements, geometrical ornaments, wire mesh metal pieces, wheeled furniture legs, and big glass panels create an ultimate urban look. A combination of neutral color palette such as gray, black, and brown with a little pop of bright colors enhances the style.