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French Country Lighting

French Country Style

French Country Style


Inspired by the impressive homes of Provence that lined the French countryside, French Country style is the manifestation of elegance, humbleness, and convenience. The soothing color palettes and unpretentious fabrics lay the footing for this homey setting. The natural decor and distressed furniture give this simple style an improved air, as botanical items also adorn the walls and side tables.

As the country style pertains to the aesthetic design of nature, all the elements of raw and fresh make it richer. Natural light plays hide and seek through linen draperies while antiqued wooden furniture offers a relaxing atmosphere to settle in and unwind. Quaint decor articles are kept limited, maintaining the view as orderly, yet well adjusted.

French country art is practically in direct defiance to some of the ultra-modern design. Instead of depending on monochromatic hues and bold pops of shade to develop visually exhilarating contrasts, this style is all about generating a cozy and welcoming environment.

One of the illusions about the French country decor is that it is glitzy and ostentatious. In fact, it is misunderstood as it showcases elegance and simplicity at its finest. This style depicts the rural valley art of southern France. It can be referred to as a French version of rustic.