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English Country Lighting

English Country Style

English Country Lighting


True English country style of home decor involves two distinct trends - Historic notes are amplified in the form of antique ornaments and feminine expression is fused with complementary palettes for a reminiscence effect. Essentially, decor must flow with limited contrast, but minimalism is not the key. It involves overlapping artistic pieces and maximal hangings, photographs, and cozy furnishings.

The exemplary English country house portrays an air of timelessness. The essence apprehends the grandeur of noble rural living while staying warm and friendly. It can be a formidable look to replicate, audacious patterns blending with bold carpets and duck-egg blue painted wood flooring to exemplify a traditional picture. The crucial element of an original English country home decor is to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere. Comfort is the ultimate motto behind eccentric texture theming and a mix of classic and rustic furnishings.

But today in the era of modernism, the English country style is becoming a definitive design of populism and urbanism. Long gone are the areas that were plainly organized without any ornaments and decorative pieces. For this type of style, you can go all the way, exhibiting every aesthetic and unique embellishment. The primary aspect is comfort and charm, in the form of, elegance and class.