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Cosmopolitan Lighting

Cosmopolitan Style

Cosmopolitan Style


‘To feel and be at home’ is the ultimate motto behind Cosmopolitan architecture, despite being overlapped with economic, political and moral grounds. Cosmopolitan architecture reminisces the soul that despite being an avid traveler is not homebound to a specific place or entity. The term ‘Cosmopolitan’ is now popularly used wherever you can get a homespun experience with all the amenities (and more) that you deserve for tranquility.

Cosmopolitan architecture is non-symbolic – or in other terms, completely fluid to terminologies and interpretations. The buildings inspired by cosmopolitanism are aesthetic and quaint – the only two elements that remind you of urbanism. But, as per popular culture, cosmopolitan architecture is largely intermixed with elements from both post-colonial style buildings and third-world modernism.

Many architectural deviants characterized Cosmopolitan architecture to be highly symbolic of a consumerist-capitalist society. For instance, the Cosmopolitan architecture is largely compiled of elements that might seem both iconic and unique, but at the same time are homey due to their intentions of consumerism.

Cosmopolitan Architecture is in short, at the mercy of the consumer where there are always new elements up for discovery. For instance, what seemed heavy and traditional at one glance, might also be reminiscent of clear-cut intricate patterns that are delicate and unique. Cosmopolitan architecture allows people to feel largely at home and is characterized by quaint furniture such as benches and low placed tables with warm pastels, brick-walled interior and bright décor.