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Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style


Ever since the 20th century paved way to creativity, there arose an opportunity for art to emmulate intelligently designed motifs that were fast-paced with technology. But, the overall concept behind contemporary architecture was the embodiment of an art form that was casual yet influential. As per pop culture advancements, contemporary or fast-casual architecture, embraces materials that were not only trendy but also eco-friendly.

Contemporary architecture allowed apprentices to exhibit their art in the form of 3D models, simulations and innovative computer-aided technological aspects. Contemporary architecture, despite using a single material for the construction of an entire building, is sustainable, innovative and weatherproof. From the Burj Khalifa in the Middle East to the Shanghai Tower in China, contemporary architecture is different from modern art due to its expression, asymmetry and innovation.

Contemporary architecture prides on using solar panels for creating imaginative and innovative buildings. For a contrasting aesthetic appeal, contemporary buildings welcome designs that are highly creative in nature. For instance, fast-casual architecture was the first of its kind to design a modern-day building with curvilinear lines that gave a free-flowing illusion of imagery. From using limestone and titanium to bring out the art form, to relying on recyclable material to make a statement, contemporary architecture is all that is in today!