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Coastal Lighting

Coastal Style

Coastal Style


Coastal Architectural design in the past was highly neglected and was exhibited by congested interiors and outdated walls due to the tidal and breezy exposure. But, modern coastal design – largely inspired by the Shingle Style – is taking a turn at its present (and future!) by incorporating architectural aspects from both modernism and contemporary art forms.

While the two artistic trends might seem a bit similar, both of them exhibit free-flowing innovative designs that are largely characterized by automations in technology. The ultimate motto here is to provide a haven to people that are looking for an escape from the ‘daily monotony’. Long gone are spaces that were plainly designed without an aura of intelligent decision. The only excuse of congested and kitschy was probably to lure you into spending most of your time outdoors by the sea!

But today, modern coastal architectural is becoming an exemplary design of urbanism and cosmopolitanism. From neutral undertones such as gray and monochromatic hues on your kitchen walls to a fresh coastal blue such as aquamarine within your living space, modern coastal architecture is all about relaxation. Apart from color psychology, modern coastal living spaces are highly automated with AI-infused appliances to ensure that you unwind without having to move a muscle.