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Casual Lighting

Casual Style

Casual Style


Casual architectural styles can be seen in the American one-storey bungalow or in present-day boxy apartments. But most evidently, casual style architecture is a hallmark of the French provincial buildings that stood tall with its two-storeys and multi-paned windows in the 18th century.

The 19th century embraced casual architecture like a ripple in a pond. It was a classic attempt to get away from the ornate furnishings and extravagant architecture of the Victorian era. Casual architecture is not a reveling masterpiece – it is nothing that would require a mastermind in art to understand. Instead, casual architecture is aptly described as the first leap of breath that gushes into your lungs amidst suffocation.

But today, casual architecture is anything that allows people to exhibit a life of normalcy instead of extravagance. For instance, instead of styling drawing rooms with ornate embellishments, people consider choosing from minimalistic designs that are cheap and hence, low maintenance. From quaintly painted walls to delicate furnishings that look lived in, casual architecture is what keeps us alive.

At Urban Ambiance, we have a wide assortment of rustic chandeliers and geometric pendants that are inspired by people and their yearning for normalcy. Despite their intelligent design and delicate brushworks of metal plating, Urban Ambience aims to give you an experience that helps you feel ‘quite at home’.