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Asian Lighting

Asian Style

Asian Style


Styled with cultural references from the Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese art styles, the Asian art style revamped living spaces with designs that embarked on diversity. The Asian or Oriental art design is rich in the ornate interior that is not only bold and exuberant but also dramatic.

Vases are typically hand-painted in characteristic patterns of blue and white along with porcelain ginger jars that are classic pieces of Chinese interior décor. From lacquered and well-detailed embellishments to adoration for complex patterns in bold hues of red and green, the Chinoiserie architecture depicted influence in its truest essence.

The Japanese art form is in contrast, minimal and modern with simple floral patterns and soft natural elements such as bamboo as prominent construction materials. Japanese interior is characteristically spacious and well-lit due to its translucent shoji screens and fiber window shades that allow sunlight to enter through. To maintain a dim yet soft glow, the Japanese used rice paper lamps in the night as well as orchids for an elegant and homely touch.

Asian architectural styles mimic a contrast in minimal furnishings such as low constructed tables and slender settees and sofas along with bold accessories such as loud and embroidered wall-hangings. Our chandeliers have many geometric shapes with candelabras and shades that can complement any interior décor or setting.