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Antique Lighting

Antique Style

Antique Style


Antique architecture goes all the way back to the Roman and Greek era which paved the gateway to other holistic art forms such as Renaissance and Neoclassicism. Antiquity in architecture is depicted by the rising clause of seriousness in craftsmanship. Every building in the 8th Century and beyond appreciated designs that yearned for exclusive monumentality along its lines. Inspired from the Doric and Ionic trends, antique architecture is depicted by buildings that yearned for glamour, splendor and high-end interior décor.

The Doric artistic trend introduced masculinity in its buildings despite being utterly perfect in severity, dimensions and proportions. The Ionic trend, however, was all about captivating grace and elegance in its artistic form, and was popularized by the Greeks. When the two trends were mixed, out came the result of a Doric-Ionic style building that appeared quite serious yet reflective but had quite intricate patterns and lines.

The Antique style of architecture was highly depicted by the interior of such open-space buildings. Each building, inspired by the Doric artistic trend, was supported by large columns and shapely pillars. The interior design of the buildings was characteristic of huge open spaces and statues that shone with the overabundance of light. Warm, pastel undertones were appreciated along with imitation design motifs as well as rich decorative elements of limestone, fresco, marble, sandstone and mosaic.