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American Bungalow Lighting

American Bungalow Style


The American Bungalow, as we know today, has its roots embedded in colonized India – particularly Bengal – where it was known as the ‘Bangala’. The bungalow is a classic version of the ‘one-story-beach house,’ which was ideally built as a temporary settlement for travelers. The typical bungalow was known for its verandas that were covered with eaves to provide shade during the hot climates of India.

The American version of the bungalow found its way to the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, where it gained popularity due to its quaint architectural style. The American Bungalow upheld the traditional design of the Bangala with its laid-back and sheltered porches and home-spun construction of natural elements.

The bungalows were constructed close to the ground with low-pitched, sloping roofs that housed an old-fashioned interior. There was hardly any room for interior décor, making the American bungalow less impressive for fanatics of Victorian architecture. If informality had a picturesque design, it would be typical with the American bungalow’s architecture. Built to provide a homely feeling to travelers, the bungalow took off in America mainly due to its warm concept of simple infrastructure and low maintenance design.

Cedar, concrete, stone, and brick were used indigenously for the bungalow’s exterior construction. Clapboard gained popularity as a siding due to its simplicity. There were windows with single-to-multiple panes and flat wood trims that added to the characteristic ‘traditional’ design of the bungalow.

At Urban Ambiance, our lighting fixtures and chandeliers respect the architecture and interior décor of all eras. But above all, we think our nickel and bronze finished fixtures will pay homage to the quaint American bungalow and remind you of simple and effortless designs.