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Farmhouse Design Style Lighting Fixtures

Farmhouse design style lighting fixtures channel rustic charm with a touch of modern simplicity. Often crafted from materials like distressed wood, weathered metal, and clear or seeded glass, they evoke memories of life on the farm. Their designs strike a balance between cozy nostalgia and contemporary flair. The fixtures are perfect for homes seeking a warm, welcoming ambiance.

UEX7420 Rustic Table Lamp 17.5''W x 17.5''D x 29.5''H, Natural Brown Finish, Cedar Key Collection

Table Lamp

$378.00 $513.99
UEX7770 Coastal Table Lamp 11''W x 11''D x 18''H, Blue and White Finish, Bar Harbor Collection

Table Lamp

$129.00 $175.99
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UEX8190 Modern Farmhouse Floor Lamp 18''W x 18''D x 63''H, Natural Brown Finish, Milpitas Collection

Floor Lamp

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UEX8310 Bohemian Floor Lamp 18''W x 18''D x 63''H, Matte White Finish, Fort Myers Collection

Floor Lamp