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Bohemian Style Lighting Fixtures

Bohemian style lighting fixtures radiate eclectic charm and free-spirited allure. Often crafted from natural materials like wood, rattan, and glass, these fixtures incorporate vibrant colors, patterns, and organic shapes. Embracing a mix-and-match ethos, Bohemian lights are perfect for spaces seeking a relaxed, worldly, and artistic ambiance, effortlessly blending various cultural inspirations into cohesive and captivating designs.

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UEX8320 Natural Floor Lamp 16''W x 16''D x 61.5''H, Aged Brass Finish, Solvang Collection

Floor Lamp

UEX7640 Scandinavian Table Lamp 15''W x 15''D x 22''H, Natural Brown Finish, Woodstock Collection

Table Lamp

$263.00 $357.99
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UEX8310 Bohemian Floor Lamp 18''W x 18''D x 63''H, Matte White Finish, Fort Myers Collection

Floor Lamp