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UQL1191 Colonial Outdoor Post, 81"H x 10"W, Royal Bronze Finish, Outdoor Post Mount Collection


$397.00 $549.99
UQL2310 Rustic Semi-Flush Ceiling Light, 13"H x 13"W, Royal Bronze Finish, Minneapolis Collection

Ceiling Light

$282.00 $391.99
Sold Out
UQL1222 Vintage Outdoor Wall Light, 19.25"H x 8"W, Royal Bronze Finish, Geneva Collection

Outdoor Wall Light

UQL1180 Colonial Outdoor Pier Mount, 3.5"H x 5.84"W, Royal Bronze Finish, Outdoor Pier Mount Collection


$71.00 $98.99
UQL1185 Colonial Outdoor Post, 84"H x 3"W, Royal Bronze Finish, Outdoor Post Mount Collection


$138.00 $183.99

High-End Light Fixtures

We have the latest trends in high-end light fixtures that include beautiful styles, intricate detailing, and different light fixture shapes. Our urban light fixture collection includes chandeliers, pendants, flush lights, and many other designer-inspired options. Our luxury light fixtures are made with high-quality materials for durable, reliable, and long-lasting use. With so many trendy options available, we make it simple to find the right piece for your home. No matter what type of light fixture you desire, we have beautiful options that everyone will love. Discover everything our high-end light fixture collection has to offer and find the perfect addition to any space in your home.