They are where you rest and where you prepare yourself for the day as well as a good night's sleep. Most bedrooms and bathrooms are also havens of escape; nothing can beat a luxuriant bath in the middle of the day, or an equally comfy nap on your bed. Of course, when nighttime arrives, that bed becomes your cave, where you can hibernate from all the cares and worries of the previous day, and prepare for a new, exciting day of productivity and connectivity.

So being able to properly light up these sanctuaries should be a high priority for you; with the right lighting, you can better control your atmosphere and create the perfect ambiance which transforms these rooms into personalized hideaways where you can let go and truly relax.

Your Ultimate Lighting Guide: Bedrooms

Different bedrooms quickly take on the personalities of the occupants: that's why you can walk into any bedroom in a stranger's home and instantly identify whether the occupant is male or female (or both for married couples), young or old. You can even determine whether that person is a toddler, preteen, teen, college student, or adult by looking at the belongings in the room; posters or pictures, shelves, and the overall neatness of any given bedroom can reveal much about the resident of that room.

This is one reason why laying out your best lighting options will vary from room to room. For instance, the bedroom of the homeowner, whether a single person or a couple, often includes its own television set, with perhaps also a sound system, both of which are perfect for late night escapes from the kids while remaining in the comfort of your home. On the other hand, while you like children to also have their own mini-sanctuary, many parents or guardians avoid adding televisions, stereos, and even gaming systems into their room, out of concern that they may rarely see them again (except for runs to the fridge to restock on snacks and drinks!). Consequently, the lighting in a master bedroom often contrasts greatly with that found in the other bedrooms.

Overhead Bedroom Lighting

Most bedrooms are set up to accommodate overhead lighting; this gives you a lot of interesting and aesthetic options as you assess each bedroom in your home. An option many people are now choosing for the master bedroom are chandeliers; yes, finally chandeliers are breaking out of dining and living rooms, and are now making grand and brilliant appearances as the main source of illumination in larger and master bedrooms.

Chandeliers are also evolving in styles and forms, so you can select from a variety of chandelier types, such as:

  • Chandelier - the classic chandelier look actually works incredibly well in bedroom environments as well
  • Island - if your bedroom is rectangular, island chandeliers align nicely with the natural shape of the room while providing adequate illumination
  • Pendant - a circular shape in the center of the ceiling allows for a dramatic radiation of lighting, reaching all corners and darker areas
  • Semi-Flush - those who enjoy the chandelier look but want to avoid low-hanging fixtures find this type perfect for their needs

For bedrooms, you want your chandeliers to hang such that the bottom of it is at least 7 feet above the floor; for ceilings higher than 8 feet, raise that measurement by an extra 3 inches for every extra foot of height (so a 9-foot-high ceiling should have the bottom of the fixture at least 7 feet 3 inches above the ground and a 10-foot-high ceiling would need 7 1/2 feet clearance). 

Bedroom Wall Sconces

Anyone who has dealt with a table lamp on their nightstand knows what a hassle it can be: it takes up room and can get knocked over rather easily. This is why more people are looking to wall sconces for bedside lighting; you get the illumination you want without sacrificing valuable nightstand space, where your water, books, glasses, and devices belong and can be grabbed with ease.

For best results, your wall sconces should be centered directly above your nightstand, with the top of the sconce measuring between 45 and 60 inches from the floor. As you browse through our wall sconces, you will note a variety of fixture sizes, which is one of the reasons you are given a 15-inch leeway in the placement of your wall sconces.

Your Ultimate Lighting Guide: Bathrooms

There is a difference in bathrooms: specifically, there is the master bathroom, along with the extra bathroom for the kids, with the possibility of a guest bathroom to accommodate the occasional visitor. Typically, the master bedroom is the largest, with a guest bathroom often only offering a toilet and sink, without the inclusion of a full bath and/or shower, so your lighting needs will likely vary between bathrooms. 

Bathroom Wall Sconces

For bathrooms, wall sconces are just about standard inclusions, since we are dealing with mirrors and close up face and skin care regimens. Proper lighting near mirrors is critical, but it is mainly about positioning the wall sconces for the best results. When using wall sconces on each side of the mirror, the lights should stand about 60 to 65 inches above the floor.

Bathroom Wall Fixture Above Mirror 

Another option, for bathrooms sporting a long wide mirror, is to select bathroom lights which span across the length of the mirror. In this situation, you want to select bathroom light fixtures which, when centered above the mirror, extends at least 3/4 the length of the mirror over which it will be installed.

Bathroom Overhead Lights

Your bathroom thrives in full bright lights, so the addition of overhead lights is always welcome. Your best bet for overhead lighting in your bathrooms are either track lighting, so you can aim the track lights in various directions, or a flush mount ceiling light which evenly and effectively diffuses illumination outward and downward.

Urban Ambiance - Your Collaborator in Lighting Design for Your Home

When it comes to selecting lighting throughout your home while avoiding the appearance of a haphazard conglomeration of different light fixtures and styles, at Urban Ambiance we love the challenge and satisfaction of looking at the individual areas of your residence. So contact us, and let's put our heads together, with you bringing your vision, creativity, and spirit to the table while we offer our expertise and outstanding inventory of superior lighting fixtures and accessories; through cooperative and creative teamwork, we can help you can transform your home into a breathtaking declaration of taste, sophistication, and comfort!