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Winter Hot-Tubbing: How to Enjoy Your Backyard Spa All Winter

Winter Hot-Tubbing: How to Enjoy Your Backyard Spa All Winter

Winter Hot-Tubbing: How to Enjoy Your Backyard Spa All Winter


A backyard spa is a wonderful thing to have. You, of all the homes in the neighborhood, can have a steamy soak whenever you want. You can enjoy your spa alone, with loved ones, or partying with friends. Most people imagine spa use in the summer and fall. As the weather gets icy, spas tend to be put away, but they don't have to be. This year, you can truly enjoy your backyard spa all winter long.

Just know how to plan for soaking in the colder weather. Learn to keep the ice at bay, provide extra heat, and stave off the cold wind and you'll be having a wonderful time. There are tons of ways to keep the cold at bay and maintain your spa through constant luxurious winter use. Here are the top winter spa tips:


Provide Your Spa with Shelter

Shelter is an incredibly powerful tool in making your spa inviting in the winter. Set up a tent, dividers, or even just outdoor curtains to block the cold wind from chilling your friends roasting in the backyard spa. Blocking the wind in any way will make your spa much more enjoyable for those getting in and out of the water, and those with their head and shoulders above the warm water level.

An overhead cover is also a benefit, your spa will be protected from piling snow and even accessible during snow or sleet over the winter. You can build an awning over your spa or extend the porch roof from your back patio. It's not uncommon to build a large tent around your spa in the winter, as well.


Invest in a Good Spa Cover

Whether or not your spa is under the open sky, it's a good idea to have a high-quality cover. Your spa cover is what seals up your spa when it's out of use. It keeps wildlife of the plant and animal varieties out during warm weather. But during the winter, it serves a different purpose. A good spa cover that is tightly sealed and insulated can protect your spa from freezing. Frozen water in your spa can damage the components and frame as the ice expands.

A good spa cover keeps your spa safe from wildlife and extreme weather.


Install a Heater or Fireplace

Your backyard spa already warms the water, but of course, you want the air around your spa to be warm, too. For you and your guests to enjoy time spent around the spa, it's nice to warm the entire area. This can be done with two different approaches. First, you can install an electric space heater, or spa heater, that will warm the air around your spa. An electric heater works best inside an enclosure, like the shelter we talked about earlier.

The second approach is to build a backyard fireplace. A large enough fire in a brick fireplace will warm a considerable area of your backyard and can be a wonderful addition to your winter spa experiences.


Use a Warming Towel Rack

Jumping out of the hot spa into brisk winter air can be exhilarating, but there's nothing like a warm fluffy towel in that moment. One of the best additions to a winter spa design is a hot towel warming rack. This kind of towel rack has metal bars that run low levels of electricity. Towels are draped over the bars and the bars heat up. Nearly instant warm towel for your backyard spa enjoyment.

Your guests will be delighted at the towel-warmer, which can also be used to 'restore' towels that were used once to pop out of the spa and will be used again. Any towel becomes warm and dry with a towel warming rack nearby.


Lay Pathway Mats

Ice is a serious consideration with backyard spa use. Ice on the ground can be a slipping hazard, and even a cutting hazard for bare feet. Providing sandals is a good start, but the best way to protect your feet and the feet of your guests is pathway mats. Buy sturdy indoor-outdoor mats and lay them along the pathways to and from your spa.

This way, your guests will have something soft and well-anchored to walk on. You can even lay the mats out when the spa starts up, to protect them from being snowed on and keep them warm. Pathway mats will ensure the safety of your guests who might otherwise try to scamper across freezing pavement with wet feet.


Surround Your Spa with Lighting

Make sure to place plenty of lighting around your backyard spa. The winter has a way of graying-out everything and nighttime spa use is particularly dangerous when the ground is icy. Ample lighting will ensure that everyone can see where they are going and what they are doing. There are some lovely ways to add lighting to the yard surrounding your spa. You can hang lanterns from an awning above or place solar-powered stake lights out in the grass. You can also find waterproof lights that might mount happily along the outer edge of your spa.


Stock Up on Body Lotion

One interesting and useful tip is to stock up on lotion. Cold winter air is notorious for dehydrating the skin, and so is soaking in hot water. While your backyard spa has many health benefits, especially in the winter, dry skin is a known downside. So keep a large container of body lotion nearby. When you get out of the spa, be sure to lotion your body to stay moisturized and encourage your guests to do the same.


Limited Use of Blowers and Jets

When choosing to use jets or blowers in your spa, consider how the system works first. Blowers tend to blow in outside air, which will be freezing cold. Using blowers in the winter can quickly lower the temperature of your spa. Jets may have a similar problem depending on how your spa jets were installed and function. Use blowers and jets sparingly in the winter and enjoy the hot water as it is.


Maintain your Water Levels

Water is among your most important maintenance tasks. If you have a water change coming up, take care of it in late autumn or early winter. From there, keep a close eye on your water levels and regularly test water quality. Don't let your water level get too low, or the water is at risk of freezing and damaging your spa. Maintain your water quality carefully to maintain a safe soaking environment.


Keep Hot and Cool Drinks Nearby

Last but not least, set up a beverage station near your spa or serve drinks to your guests. A hot soak doesn't just dehydrate the skin. It's important to stay hydrated while enjoying a hot spa on a cold winter day. Hot drinks might be the perfect addition to your party, or cool drinks to help your guests deal with the heat of your spa's water. Both can be wonderful in the moment.


Enjoying your spa all winter long is much easier than most realize. You don't have to close up your spa until the weather gets warm again. After all, the spa is heat-generating. Just create a sheltered warm area around the spa, cover the ground, and stay hydrated. You and your guests are sure to have a wonderful time. Contact us for more great tips on how to enjoy your custom home upgrades.

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