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Spa Oasis in Your Deck


2022 Jacuzzi Deck Design Ideas for a Steamy Autumn

Your back garden is a private oasis of greenery and manicured spaces. Each detail you add is another layer of relaxation, or another way the space can be used. This autumn, embrace the cool, crisp air by building yourself a jacuzzi deck, or improving on the outdoor spa you have.

Who wouldn't want a steamy soak during autumn nights under the stars? Having your jacuzzi on-deck allows you to shape the deck to create your jacuzzi experience. However, not every deck and hot tub design were meant to be. Let's dive into six design essentials of jacuzzi decks for your home.

1. Always Start with Support and Structure

Consider whether your current deck is built to support a jacuzzi tub, and what alterations you may need to make the perfect terrace hot tub experience. Your support and structure are essential. This goes from the strength of your deck boards all the way down to the stability of your deck foundation. When full of water, hot tubs can weigh over 3,000 pounds, which is worth keeping in mind when considering mounting a full jacuzzi spa on the deck.

Many people prefer a recessed hot tub, but still want to decide the exact balance between the level of the jacuzzi and the level of the deck. We'll talk more about artful and comfortable levels in a moment. Most likely, your hot tub will need dedicated supports with your deck built up around the tub in an accessible and aesthetic way.

"Who wouldn't want a steamy soak during autumn nights under the stars? Having your jacuzzi on-deck allows you to shape the deck to create your jacuzzi experience."

2. Multi-Level Decks Create Space for the Jacuzzi

If you want to create an elegant and welcoming space for your jacuzzi, use steps, benches, and even bars in a multi-level deck design. Steps allow you to step up the high sides of your spa with comfort and style. Benches are often designed around the top edge to make sitting on the edge or getting in and out easier for those who soak. A raised spa edge can also be turned into a natural stone bar, met with barstools tucked underneath to double your socialization potential around the spa.

While many prefer teak or bamboo, you can also top your elegant jacuzzi benchtops with a sealed beautiful stone like granite or nonporous quartz. Homeowners often forget just how much freedom they have to create shaped and leveled spaces. Using multiple levels can allow you to create separate seating, outdoor kitchen, and private lounging area. Levels can also be used in conjunction with lightweight structures and curtains to block a cool breeze, keep your soaks private from the neighbors, or encourage frolicking around the back garden and spa in social groups.

3. Relaxing and Safe Lighting Design

When lighting your backyard jacuzzi deck, there are two important considerations. The first is safety. Every area where you are climbing in and out of a tub with both steps and water in the same place, safety matters. Make sure your lights are well-positioned and well-spaced to fully illuminate the jacuzzi spa area of your deck. The second consideration, of course, is comfort. You also want outdoor lights that are soft enough to be relaxing - and likely lights that can be dimmed. Consider frosted glass wall sconces, indirect overhead lighting, and smart light bulbs as three elegant solutions to your dual design needs.

4. Partially Recessed and Bench-Step Jacuzzi Decks are the Most Comfortable

What is the most comfortable way to build a hot tub into your deck? We've found that most adults prefer partially recessed jacuzzi tubs with a bench-step design. In this design adults step up to the jacuzzi on one or two stairs. At the top the upper ledge of the hot tub's sides are at about knee or thigh level. This makes it comfortable for guests to sit and swing their legs over, lounge on the edge, or easily step over the small ledge into the soaking pool below.

The step and bench combination provides a combination of built-in elegance and greater accessibility - with almost no climb in and out of the tub. We especially love partially recessed jacuzzis that are built into their own octagonal deck section with a shady trellised pergola overhead.

5. Privacy Screens Create Beauty and Complement the Weather

Privacy screens are not just about privacy, they can be beautiful. stained translucent acrylic gives a stained glass appearance, while glowing panels provide soft indoor-outdoor lighting in a uniquely futuristic way. Privacy screens can be woven of wide-leafed plants or they can be woven from actual wicker, cane, or rattan. You can create shady privacy screens for afternoon naps in the spa or breezy screens designed to channel air rather than block it.

Explore not just your options for privacy and blocking weather, but also aesthetic opportunities when enclosing your deck spa for the seasons. Shade will make the spa more enjoyable during the day. Wind-blocking shelter will make the jacuzzi cozier in the winter. Soft, glimmering lighting in your jacuzzi deck structure will make the space feel truly magical at night.

6. Design a Private Spa Around Your Jacuzzi Deck

Speaking of the ambiance you create, don't forget that your deck can be more than just "where you put the jacuzzi". You can build yourself a private indoor-outdoor spa with the tools at your command. Build a beautiful ivy-crawling enclosure for your spa and drip hanging plants above for a green, shady experience. Hang twinkling fairy lights to gently illuminate your spa, and build a stone sidebar for towels and drinks served near the hot tub.

Give yourself a place to warm essential oils, and speakers to play soft music while you soak. You can even create cubbies for shoes and bags if you plan for regular gatherings of friends in the hot tub.

Bonus Tip: Accessible Maintenance Panels

When designing your beautiful wood and stone spa enclosure as part of your deck design, don't forget the access panel. Make sure your spa's alignment and surroundings leave you able to access all the important spaces for proper jacuzzi care over time.

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