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Remembering the "Forgotten Room": Decorating Your Home's Hallways

Remembering the "Forgotten Room": Decorating Your Home's Hallways

When most people think of home renovation projects, they usually imagine redoing the bathroom or kitchen. True, these rooms sometimes need a lot of love and care, especially if you've recently bought an older home. New lighting fixtures, appliances, and aesthetics can breathe life back into these rooms. But, of course, these projects are often expensive and time-consuming. 

However, there's a "forgotten room" you likely haven't paid much attention to. Even better, this forgotten room represents an affordable remodeling project that can make a huge difference. Now is the best time to start decorating your home's hallways and help make every room transition a positive experience for your family and guests. 

The Importance of Hallway Presentation 

Although they're often forgotten about, your hallways are incredibly important in your home's overall presentation. You can think about your hallways as the "preview" to your home's other rooms. Consider that guests will need to pass through your hallways to get into most rooms, and you want this to be a pleasant experience.

As popular culture proves, dark, cluttered hallways can give your home a negative, haunted-house vibe. On the other hand, well-lit halls are inviting, bright, and provide an overall positive experience. 

If you've been neglecting your home's hallways, there's no need to fear. Creating a warm, inviting space is one of the easiest home renovation projects you'll take on. Just follow the simple tips below to revamp your home's halls completely. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Make Your Halls Look New 

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room, and your hallways are no exception. Before you pick up a paintbrush, take time to imagine the look you're going for. Ideally, this theme will tie into the rest of your house.

Have you gone for a quaint, farmhouse look? Then consider neutral colors like brown, white, or gray. A bold red trim can add a splash of color to farmhouse themes if you're feeling adventurous. Bold red trim works exceptionally well in entrance halls where a traditional red door has been used.

Is your home more modernly themed? Bold yet simple colors like white, red, and black pair well. Large stripes or blocks of color can help create a unique visual appeal.

Have you perhaps decided to use an overall vintage look for your home's décor? Many vintage styles complement bold colors like green and red, interspersed with neutrals like brown, gray, or white. This holds particularly true for those aiming for a Victorian or Elizabethan vintage theme. 

Wall Lighting Will Brighten the Area 

Most hallways lack adequate lighting because of the way homes have been traditionally designed. Bringing light into the area can quickly make the space feel warm and inviting. However, not just any lights will do. Choosing the right wall lighting is crucial.

Wall lighting is ideal because it's both practical and visually appealing. In areas with limited natural lighting, overhead lights can sometimes feel oppressive or make the area feel washed out. Placed properly, wall lighting will accentuate your new paint without washing the space out.

Consider adding wall sconces every six to ten feet along your walls. Symmetry is always appealing and calming, so try to place scones in the same positions on either side of your hall.

If this isn't possible, consider an alternating option. With this option, you'll want to place the lights slightly closer together because you'll only be putting them on one side of the hall. Mark a space every four or so feet along the corridor. Alternate the aisle side you place the light on for each mark. For example, mark one would have a wall light on the left, while mark two would have a wall light on the right, and so on.

Find a wall sconce covering that fits your theme. There are numerous options available, so, with a bit of research, you're sure to find the perfect choice for your home. A few quality options you may want to consider include:

Stay Minimalist with Furniture 

No matter the theme you choose for your hallway, you want to stay minimalist with furniture. Halls are narrow areas whose primary purpose is to be walked through. If you include too much furniture or floor décor, the hall will become cluttered, and you run the risk of trip hazards. 

Instead, choose one or two small pieces of furniture or floor décor, depending on the size of your hallway. For example, a slim accent table with flowers or family pictures can be a beautiful piece for your hallway. Other ideas may be a tall standing vase or statute that fits your hallway's décor. However, you want to be certain any pieces used don't stick out more than a few inches from the wall. 

Well-Placed Art Can Complement Your Design 

Well-placed art is the finishing touch for your hallway. Consider one to four pieces that fit your theme. Once again, this will depend on the size of your hallway. If you're not big on traditional art pieces, there are alternatives to this option.

For example, you could use an extended or small mirror in place of art. If you opted for the slim accent table mentioned above, you might choose to hang the mirror above that. Or you could select larger family pictures (8x11 or larger) to compliment the space and make it feel like home. To tie these pictures into your hall's theme, look for frames that match the colors or aesthetics. 

Remember the "Forgotten Room" and Start Decorating Today

Hallways are often forgotten when the rest of the home gets a fresh face. However, your home's halls are an often-used transitioning area that can make or break the mood you hope to set in your home.

If you're ready to start decorating your hallways, contact Urban Ambiance today. We're prepared to help bring light and life back into your hallways and every other area of your home. 

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