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History of Art Deco Lighting: History and Home Décor Ideas

History of Art Deco Lighting: History and Home Décor Ideas

History of Art Deco Lighting: History and Home Décor Ideas 


Art Deco is a style that emerged in the 1920s. It was a time of rapid change and innovation, with new technologies being created alongside traditional crafts. Art Deco design focused on simplicity and functionality, often using natural materials such as wood or marble. 

The style has been embraced to date and is still used in modern interiors and home décor. But how can you best use this style to make your décor pop while still maintaining a modern look? 

History of art deco; How art deco started 

The art deco movement was started by a group of artists, architects, and designers who wanted to break away from cubism. They were looking for something new that would represent modern ideas in terms of lines and color. These people came together at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris. They had gathered to show their works, which included paintings, furniture pieces, and lighting. 

This was a period of great elegance that was characterized by feelings of prosperity and optimism which led to the demand for luxury items and home decor. The wealthy elite wanted to move away from traditional styles and embrace modernism. 

The style of art deco focused on clean-cut shapes that would often be found in nature. For example, many lamps took inspiration from budding flowers or leaves. 

The popularity of this type of design continued into the 1930s, where it was used in homes and businesses. As time went on, art deco became more ornate and intricate as homeowners wanted to break away from traditional styles. 

As electric light became more available, light designers (both domestic and street) found more unique ways to explore the evolving style of art deco. The technological advances also allowed delicate glass to be molded into different shapes, including the angular Egyptian Revival "steps" to the beautiful newly developed material 'Bakelite.' Unlike wood, the use of glass and lighting emulated and facilitated the mass production of affordable yet unique light art designs. 

Tips for incorporating art deco lighting into your home 

To incorporate this style in your home, you should focus on creating a cohesive look that is elegant and functional. You can do so by using suitable materials such as marble or wood with lighting fixtures to create a beautiful décor piece.  Below are some ideas to help you.

1. Use marble  

Marble was used in art deco homes and buildings, giving off a luxurious feel. This material is also very versatile because it can be made into different shapes to fit your design preferences.  

You could create a coffee table with the marble material to give off a sense of luxury. You can also mix and match it with other materials, such as glass or wood, for different textures in your home's décor. 

2. Decorate with shapely accents  

Art deco lighting designs often use leaf or flower-like shapes to create a beautiful base for your lamps. This gave off the impression of natural beauty, which was still widely popular during this period. 

You can use these same design elements in your home by incorporating them into other décor pieces such as vases and wall art. You can also create a beautiful chandelier or pendant light that features this design element. 

3. Incorporate geometric patterns 

The geometric patterns of art deco lighting are what give off a sense of modernism. They were often used in the form of triangles, circles, and lines to create clean looks that emphasized symmetry. You can incorporate this look into your home's décor by including these shapes on other design elements like floor tiles or wallpapers.

4. Opt for sleek materials 

During the art deco period, highly polished metal was trendy - especially when it came to lighting fixtures. You can recreate this look by using chrome or nickel plating on your designs. These materials are more affordable than gold-plated metals, and they also come in various colors! 

You could create a floor lamp with these materials or use them to create a sleek pendant light that hangs above your dining table. You can also incorporate these materials into other pieces of décor, such as wall art, vases, and picture frames. 

5. Use vibrant colors 

During the art deco period, it was common to see brighter colors being used in décor. You can achieve a similar look by incorporating colorful accent pieces into your home's lighting. Art deco designs often featured yellow and blue shades - which you could replicate with ceramic vases or table lamps. 

You can also incorporate these materials into wall art, floor tiles, and artwork to create a beautiful focal point for your room. You can even use these accent colors on other design elements such as pillows or rugs. 

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